Milk Teeth, Fangclub and Nervus: Buyers Club, Liverpool

Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth

Heavy American rock was the order of the day when Milk Teeth performed at Buyers Club and Getintothis’ Lauren Wise was there to see the mosh pits unfold.

With plenty of Green Day and Blink 182 band t-shirts about, it became clear even before the first band took to the stage what they kind of night of music this would be.
First on stage were four-piece Nervus, who embrace the small audience with some friendly heavy rock complete with dancing from their keyboardist and frontman.
They might be likened to Sum 41 or Simple Plan with American sounding vocals and lengthy but polished guitar riffs.
Up next we had the delights of Fangclub, who can be heard before they’re seen. Embracing the air of well-versed rockers they’re heard before they emerge from somewhere in the depths of the crowd to take to the stage.
Once they do appear it’s very clear where their influences come from as the lead singer and guitarist plays the Kurt Cobain look to a tee.

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The image is matched with a grungy style that smoothly slotted in with the rest of the evening’s performances.

They have a heavy, filthy sound and coupled with their intense energy and even more combined intense moshing all this culminated in our makeshift Kurt leaping into the crowd for one final riff before leaving without the rest of his band just as any 90s diva-rocker would.

Headliners Milk Teeth took to the stage next and quickly launched into their set with serious enthusiasm that was reciprocated by the ever-growing crowd.

Heavy basslines and violent riffs created a noughties American-style rock, which was topped off with lead singer and bassist Becky Blomfield’s powerful vocal.

A cover of Foo Fighter‘s Everlong was well received and allowed them the chance to finish it off with their own twist as well as slide it seamlessly with their own songs while letting the crowd sing along to the lyrics they knew all too well.

Other highlights of the set included Owning Your Okayness from their latest EP Go Away and slightly heavier Brickwork from their previous EP Vile Child.

All in all, it was certainly a night of heavy rock on all fronts, which for some can seem a bit much mid-week, but for others is just your average Thursday night.

 Images by Getintothis’ Thomas Adam