13 Questions with OVVLS



Ahead of a burst of activity from OVVLS, Getintothis’ Banjo catches up with the band and finds out about earliest memories, first gigs and future plans.

OVVLS are a band it is easy to love.

Their distinct sound, Stephannie Stokes’ incredible vocals and their easy knack for catchy melodrama marks them out from the pack. Their towering ballads blend atmospheric keyboards, deep, deep drums and haunting vocals. OVVLS are nothing short of astonishing.

The opening lyric in Abandoned Ship sums OVVLS up pretty succinctly: ‘A ship is safe in harbour, but that is not what ships are for’. They have the talent and the experience to take the easy path, to write upbeat, simple songs of fun and froth, but they instead choose to walk a path less travelled. They choose not to stay in harbour, but instead head out to unknown waters.



Staying true to their artistic vision has paid off, as OVVLS mine a rich vein of gothic splendor. It is not easy to list bands they may take their influences from, but if forced to at gunpoint, names such as Kate Bush, Bjork and London Grammar may make an appearance. But don’t let this fool you into thinking OVVLS are even approaching easy listening, they have an edge that their contemporaries may lack, a striking, strident edge that captivates the listener and draws them in. Once OVVLS have got their hooks in you, they may never let go.

As they sing on Pain is Beauty, ‘Show your scars, be proud of who you are’. And OVVLS are very beautiful indeed. So what is going on in their world?

Where are you and what are you doing?

‘We’re currently at our home studio working on our next release due this spring/summer.’

How is that working out?

‘It’s sounding massive; we’re looking forward to unleashing the new material. ‘

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What is your favourite film?

‘Donnie Darko’

What is your favourite book?

‘Alice in Wonderland’

 What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a round of drinks?

‘We don’t want to remember…’

Which do you prefer, playing live or being in a recording studio?

‘Playing live’



What was the first record you bought with your own money?

Prodigy – Music for the Jilted Generation (Lee) The Offspring – Original Prankster (Stephannie)’

What was the first gig you went to?

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Coral & Andrew WK (Lee) InMe (Stephannie)’

What is the worst gig you’ve ever done?

‘We’ve played a vast variety of gigs throughout our career, but feel there’s no such thing as a bad gig as whatever happens there’s always something to take from it.’

What’s your first memory?


What’s your guilty listening pleasure?

‘Dad rock.’

Vinyl, CD, MP3 or Streaming?


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

‘It’s been a pleasure, if you want to check us out live our next coming shows are:
• Friday 13th April – Across the Threshold, Unit 51
• Sunday 6th May – The Mystery Park Stage, Smithdown Road Festival’




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