Her’s, Hobby Club and Pizzagirl: EBGBs, Liverpool



Liverpool-based dream pop duo Her’s headlined EBGBs and Getintothis’ Lauren Wise was there to soak up the full line-up of synth pop whimsy. 

Liverpool duo Her’s have slowly been building themselves a reputation as a quirky alternative for those in the process of outgrowing The Smiths and looking for some pop undertones to bob along to.

Having released their debut album last year and just released another single, they’re well on their way to filling up those festival tents during the summer season.



Before they took to the stage, however, it was Pizzagirl’s turn to offer the crowd some summer lovin’ songs.

Solo artist Liam Brown is a one man band of joviality, sunshine and pizza-based merchandise. Complete with funky shirt and a flower garland, he’s bringing England’s new-found sun with him into the depths of EBGBs, not only with his attire but with his music too.

There’s a theme daydreaming blissfulness running throughout the set, despite some sullen lyrics. These are matched by a more than upbeat tempo and some impressive DJ/keyboard skills, which keeps everything feeling light and enjoyable.

Coffee Shop is the track that stands out, and it’s not surprising that Radio 1 have picked it as their tune of the week for next week. To end with, Pizzagirl puts his own simple twist on Kavinsky’s Nightcall, resulting in a great cover.

Pizzagirl is without a doubt one to watch.

Hobby Club

Hobby Club

Next up are two-piece Hobby Club, who work on a similar wavelength to Pizzagirl in that they also place emphasis on the live guitar and vocals, preferring to leave beats up to their computer.

We can see the London-based duo becoming a new marmite of the music scene, you’re either on board with their Smiths-esque attitude or you’re gritting your teeth wondering if reinventing Morrissey is ever a good move.

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They’re set is the most melancholy of the night, with singer Beth Truscott’s vocals bordering on mournful. Yet, as with the act before them they manage to counteract this with a particularly upbeat melody and energetic stage presence.

Last up, and running on a tight schedule as a result of EBGBs club night, are the unlikely coupling Her’s.



The two-piece from Barrow-In-Furness and Norway explained in an interview that if their sound was a song it would be a Fanta Fruit Twist and in a weird, hallucinatory way, you can see why.  The pop is present in some of the more upbeat tunes, satisfying the fizzy Fanta-ness their songs bring, but it’s the running theme of the night that adds the twist, that downbeat vocal with lyrics to match.

While some of the best songs compromise an exciting tune and a gloomy message, there’s something about a night full of it that makes you consider if a more cheerful message might not go amiss.

The duo’s latest single, Love on the Line (Call Now) is one of the most well-received by the audience, along with their first release Marcel. Both are the slow and downbeat songs of the set,  The best song is no doubt Speed Racer, an exciting an energetic song that matches their images and marries together the duo’s differing energies on the stage.

Well, the best song after their brief rendition of Robbie Williams‘ She’s The One of course.

Images by Getintothis’ Lucy McLachlan