International Poster Art Exhibition to be held at Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

Gigs and Graphics

Gigs and Graphics

A collaborative night of prints, music and graphics is on the cards as Gigs and Graphics set out to host an exhibition all in the name of art, Getintothis’ Ryan Craig has the lowdown. 

Bacon and eggs. Peaches and cream. Gigs and graphics.

Some things are just meant to be together. Each complimented by the other’s presence. Together in (often delicious) harmony.

The Gigs and Graphics event is no exception to that. To prove it, a collaboration with Northern Lights, Sound City, Toucan Tango and The Paper Moon Print Studio, along with many artists and musicians, is due to hit our streets for a whopping five straight days.

Industry professionals whose brains will be open to pick are down for discussion, including the likes of James Slater, a film and music video director with a CV containing work for The ZutonsKaiser Chiefs and Liverpool’s own Stealing Sheep – who will also be talking about their take on the interplay of art and music within their work.

Ideas a-plenty are sure to be passed around, debated, analysed, discussed and ultimately left for you to ponder inside that right cerebral hemisphere of yours, for what is bound to be a grand afternoon of artistic insight – all for absolutely zilch cost.

Constellations is four – the music and arts hub that made the Baltic Triangle

As for the Print Exhibition, internationally renowned poster artists are invited to submit and showcase work they have produced for musicians, festivals and gigs around the globe, all for people like us to geek out on.

In conjunction, 10 emerging and established visual artists are to be paired with 10 of the acts on Sound City 2018’s line-up, to create a bespoke, unprecedented print. The results of such will be displayed at Northern Lights for the exhibition.

A limited run of prints will be even available to buy and proceeds will be shared with Youth Music North West to help fund their work in and around Liverpool. So hey, you’d be supporting a great cause too.

Gigs & Graphics exhibitions and talks are open:

Thursday, May 3 – 3-9pm
Friday, May 4 – 12-6pm
Saturday, May 5 – 12-10pm
Sunday, May 6 – 12-10pm
Monday, 7th May 12-6pm

Gigs & Graphics Poster

Gigs & Graphics Poster