Her’s, Trudy and The Romance, Honey Moon: Arts Club, Liverpool



Her’s played the homecoming date of their tour and Getintothis’ Lewis Ridley was there to bathe in jangle pop goodness.

Local Liverpool duo Her’s are on tour and stopped by at Arts Club this week with a characteristically lively, bubbly pop night in the loft.

Honey Moon opened the bill, and took little time in mentioning how delighted they were to be on it. Fans of both other bands on this, an EVOL night, they travelled up from London for the first night of their tour which in large follows the same pattern as this gig.

They’ve recently released their latest EP, Four More From…, and Yours, Girl is the pick of them tonight. Each track is similar in mood, yet the performance style of frontman Jack Slater Chandler, in the main, gives each song life. There’s also a side role for a keyboardist whose name this writer can’t find, but covered in a Beatles cloth he played a key role.

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Liverpool three piece Trudy and The Romance were the first of two hometown bands this evening, and tuning up they drew bodies from the bar. Second track Baby I’m Blue is a song exactly as the title may suggest, a tick-tocking blues rock number that allows Oliver Taylor (vocals/guitar) to jaggedly serenade the Arts Club crowd.

It ain’t all cuteness and kind, though, part way through the drums hit harder and the guitar and vocals that touch moodier. It’s enough to show a flexibility and an adaptation, but not so much to go off track. They return to their ’50s thing, Twist It, Shake It, Rock and Roll.

It was revealed that Trudy and the headliners for this night have both nailed down SXSW slots only hours before doors at Arts Club.

In trousers that would breeze in Texan heat, or Benicàssim where this writer saw them last, Aduun Laading is joined by Stephen Fitzpatrick on stage, and they are Her’s. Smiling, glowing even, or was that the red neon lights above? Maybe both.

They chop into their immersive style of jangle pop, Marcel has the Arts Club swaying while Cool With You invites consensual grinding throughout. Laading may be the bounciest bassist in town, Fitzpatrick raises his beer to promote the idea of a massive party, it’s all just great fun.

They’re a rarity in that, a band that emit genuine happiness, it is almost impossible not to find yourself sinking into the dream pop they produce. A Her’s gig is a true feel good experience, and perfect for that midweek boost.