Singles Club #188



With Christmas and New Year excess now fading into the ever more distant memory, Getintothis’ Matty Lear has a round up of the best new tunes of the year so far.

Silver LiningsShe Runs Away (Single of the Week)

A new signing to Birkenhead based Eggy Records, Silver Linings deliver short, snappy track filled with frenzied angst and anger. The tight electronic percussion makes for a suitable foundation for the heavy layering of industrial string-work and shouting to build on. Eerie resonances permeate the track, and together, with the almost incoherent lyrics, create a sound truly representing the confusion of emotional anguish. It eventually drifts of into a woozy acoustic outro – further disorientating the listener. Gripping stuff.


Three-piece scouse art-rock outfit SPQR’s new tune Slowly is polished and bursting with character. With a vocal style not dissimilar from that of Everything Everything meshed with a hint of upbeat Alt-J, the chorus is, as you would expect, tremendously catchy. The track rises and falls – falling into a dream-like state after the middle-section, eventually building in intensity. “Keep breathingPeter Harrison has to remind us, as the track peaks in its passion towards a beautiful cacophony of noise.


Taken from their debut EP a strung out pilot to be released on February 11, i establishes roves’ musical maturity. With a slow build of electric guitar paving the way for a tinkling piano line to move towards some crashing percussion work, and eventual some soothing vocals – this track is soothing soundscape that sets the EP up for significant ambient success.

Pharaohe RocherBLP005

This track, off his new Bloopers EP, is trance-inducing. The mollifying pulsing back-beat is played upon by repetitive cyclical sampling of American rap. It is both aggressive and calming in equal parts, creating a supremely interesting listen – a commendation that runs through the EP as a whole, as well as his wider discography.

cheerbleederzstaying up late

Cheery London trio cheerbleederz succeed, here, in making something refreshingly light and cheerful – something we could all do with in the gloomy post-Christmas period. The chorus “Hey wait up!” breathes life and the sparkling guitar lines seek to project this emotion even further. The soft vocals suit the sentiments of the track perfectly – sentiments we should, ourselves, perhaps look into at the start of a cold, wet January.


Five On It, is the latest track to be taken from the forthcoming debut album This Is Not The End by SPIELBERGS. Here, the Norwegian rockers deliver a bright, fuzzy jam complete with catchy melodies both on guitar and vocally. About to embark on their first UK Headline tour, SPEILBERGS’ emotive and energetic songwriting is perfect for a live setting and should certainly be a success just on the merit of this track.

The SpecialsVote For Me

Ska-revival demi-gods The Specials mark their first new album in 37 years, with the release of their new single Vote For Me. They certainly haven’t lost their signature sound one bit, and the lyrics are just as captivating, also. It will be a welcome fact to those fans interesting in seeing them on tour this year, that not must has changed here – certainly not for the worse anyway.

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MärvelRock And Roll, Hoochie Koo

Ahead of their new album Guilty Pleasures to be released this spring, high energy rockers Märvel have released Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo. It does exactly what it says on the tin – hard-hitting, classic rock filled to the brim with heavy riffs, the obligatory face-melting solo, as well as a catchy chorus referencing ‘Rock And Roll’ itself. It is nothing new by any means, but boy is it fun.

Theon CrossActivate

With a new album Fyah out February 15, Theon Cross teases of what is to come with his brand new single Activate. The London tuba player – a central figure in the contemporary UK jazz scene, bring the groove in this track with the accompanying percussion serving to accentuate this whilst covering itself in a glory of its own. There is a definite swagger to this track, with the exuberant instrumentation and driving rhythm – a must listen.

PlanningtorockBeulah Loves Dancing

From the album Powerhouse, the artist Planningtorock, otherwise known as Jam Rostron, creates a uniquely touching and personal dance track. The soft dance of electronic synth pulses throughout the track, and Jam describes her sister when they were young, and her amazing relationship with music over the top of this perfectly appropriate instrumental backing. Her spoken narrative is only interrupted by the catchy repetition of the song’s title in the chorus. This really succeeds as the words and sonic backing blend into one – it is the seamless intertwining of the lyrical and musical, so difficult to achieve, that makes this track stand out from the rest.