Strange Collective split with last performance at 81 Renshaw with Holy Bouncer


Strange Collective

Strange Collective reveal split after five years of rollercoaster first-rate anarchic blow out fun, Getintothis’ Peter Guy on a band it was always worth believing in – even if they didn’t.

Being in a band should be fun. But, fuck, everyone who’s been in a band knows it isn’t always the case.

If ever there’s a band that know the above but lived it like they owned it. It’s Strange Collective. Strange Collective were the A Typical Merseyside fuck pot brilliant soap opera – which had more story lines than Coronation Street. More false endings than 24. More bust ups than Eastenders at Christmas. But more heroic parties than the Woolpack ever.

In five glorious years, Strange Collective seemed to course through Merseyside music like an unmanned pirate ship with only really the ever-present Alex Wynne and Ali Horn ever attempting to steady the vessel. Their reckless abandon was underpinned by a musicianship and musical outpouring that belied their casual give-a-fuck status. And when it came to the stage, that’s when the drama really unfolded.

During their countless gigs on Merseyside they’ve included the rhythmical nous of Pez to Parry, Lucy to Robbo and a few others along the way – whatever the line up, the gigs have near always been the stuff of legend – and not just that they’ve held momentous all-dayers which have included a raft of new artists and bands – cementing their status as one of the bands that’ve cultivated a communal thread among the mavericks and misfits within Merseyside.

Further, there’s barely been a year when Strange Collective weren’t involved in one of the gigs of the year. They were always at it. Loose, yet tight. Chaos yet clinical. Wild yet on it. There was always something there to not just get lost in – but believe in, and think, ‘yes, these are fucking great.’

This epitaph would be longer, but in true, Strange Collective style they’ve tossed it out – and said:  “After 5 long years, Strange Collective are shutting up shop. Nice one to anyone who came down to a show and partied with us, every band we played with, every promoter that put us on and every member we’re ever had. The final live performance will be this Saturday 2nd February.

So that’s that. Strange Collective – a band it worth believing in, here’s to many a golden, ragged moment.