Wide open space! Paul Draper pulls Liverpool gig leaving fans gutted


The empty Jacaranda Records Phase One stage – by Andy Von Pip

Mansun’s Paul Draper pulled his gig and in store signing in Liverpool today, Getintothis’ Peter Guy hears from disappointed fans.

Paul Draper, front man of Mansun, pulled out of his in-store gig and signing session in Liverpool.

Draper had been scheduled to play at Jacaranda Records Phase One on Seel Street during the afternoon with fans flocking to sign records after the gig.

However, when Draper arrived at the venue he took a quick look around and left never to return.

Fans, some who we spoke to had travelled from London and Wales, were left wondering what was happening before the venue staff were notified that Draper wouldn’t be playing and no reason was given.

A message was posted on Paul Draper‘s Twitter account saying: “Unfortunately there was an issue with the distributor, outside of Paul’s control which sadly and unexpectedly cancelled today’s Liverpool in-store performance. However Paul will still be at X Records, Bolton for 5pm today. DM x”

Attack of the Grey Lantern at 20 – Getintothis on the Mansun classic album

This, however, contradicted the fact that the venue was full of Mansun vinyl records and fans ready to see him.

Phase One posted the below statement and are awaiting further explanation from Draper‘s management.

Fan reaction and tweets can also be seen below.

Phase One social after Paul Draper pulled out




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