Eartheater and Semiconductor set to collaborate on audience participatory live experience



Eartheater’s collaboration with Semiconductor looks set to be one of the most distinctive tours of the year, GetintothisNedim Hassan has the lowdown.

Audiences for Eartheater and Semiconductor’s forthcoming tour could end up becoming a vital element in the overall artistic performance.

Innovative New York musician and artist Alexandra Drewchin (Eartheater) is offering an exciting one-off opportunity for members of the public to participate in a free vocal workshop during each tour date.

Guided by Drewchin, participants will transgress the boundaries of conventional notions of a ‘choir’ and will stretch their own vocal ranges to the limit in order to explore diverse and liberating vocal zones.

The outcome of each workshop will then be integrated into Eartheater’s music as she performs the Outlands Network commissioned Fracture Patterns.

This will see a distinctive collaboration between Drewchin and UK artist duo, Semiconductor.

Eartheater and the workshop participants will perform a soundtrack to Black Rain, a film by the duo that displays their large-scale multi-channel video art works.

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Synthesizing Eartheater’s bold approach to electronic music, vocal range and classical composition with Semiconductor’s engaging mediation of the material nature of our planet and its reliance on technology, this tour looks set to be a series of profoundly affective events.

The tour starts on June 13 and culminates in an appearance at Birmingham’s Supersonic festival.