Singles Club #199

MF Tomlinson

MF Tomlinson

A mixture of debut singles and curveballs from established acts makes up this week’s Singles Club, Getintothis’ Michael Maloney listens in.

Single of the Week

MF Tomlinson – Nature Boy

An infectious, uplifting number from MF Tomlinson. Nature Boy, the debut single from the singer-songwriter brims with witty lyrics and has a composition to match.

Soulful synths and exotic flutes create a warm and summery atmosphere while a piano melody strings all the elements together as Tomlinson‘s vocal style varies from spoken word to soulful.

As the chorus kick with anthemic energy, you’ll be singing along with the backing singers refrain.


King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard – Self Immolate

Aussie rockers King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard explore their metal side further with their latest track Self Immolate.

Following on from where previous single Planet B left off, Self Immolate begins with a drum solo before rampaging into a classic 100mph heavy metal guitar riff full of fuzz and feedback as Stu Mackenzie yelps out ‘I want to be set on fire’. It’s baffling to think that this is the same band that released Fishing for Fishies just two months ago but by now we should have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to King Gizzard.


sir Was – Deployed

Swedish artist sir Was returns with a new single featuring Little Dragon. Deployed is a vivid pop tune full of catchy electronic beats and synth as sir Was and Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano share vocal duties on alternating verses. A chilled out track that you’ll be adding to the summer playlist (that’s if the rain ever stops).


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Black Belt Eagle Scout – At the Party

Black Belt Eagle Scout returns with a taster single from her new album At the Party with My Brown Friends. Following on from where she left off with Mother of My Children, At the Party sees Katherine Paul return with her familiar sound of contemplative guitar licks and whispered vocals while driving drums help to push the song along. As with most of BBES’ work, At the Party deals with finding yourself and acceptance and here we see Paul feeling both excluded and included, initially she feels excluded from the world and how ‘it puts you in a dark place, dark place’ but come to find a community, her party, where ‘We will always sing’ and knows by the end of the song that ‘I’ll think of you from a nice, nice place’.


Sequoyah Murray – Penalties of Love

Multi-instrumentalist Sequoyah Murray, releases Penalties of Love ahead of his debut album Before You Begin. Sequoyah’s voice has an emotional gravity and here it is used to great effect as it takes center stage around a sparse abstract arrangement of drums and synthesizers. The single is full of vulnerability and emotion and shows off Murray’s skill as multi-instrumentalist and producer, even at such a young age.


Tinariwen – Taqkal Tarha

African veterans Tinariwen return with their latest release Taqkal Tarha. A folk-influenced track where acoustic instruments take prominence. Taqkal Tarha features guest guitarist Micah Nelson (son of Willie Nelson) which goes some way to explaining the western/folk sound of the track. It’s all about the exquisite guitar playing while the call and response singing creates a communal feel.


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SUN SILVA – Just The Romantic

The newest single from the highly rated SUN SILVA. Off the back of well-received singles, Blue Light and Sun Skin Air, SUN SILVA’s latest is reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club. Just The Romantic shimmers with danceable touches and tight-knit vocal harmonies that work together to create this dreamy, psychedelic pop song.


LELO – About a Journey

A shimmering new track from dream popper LELO. A lush, layered sound builds as LELOs’, aka Ronan Peaker, earnest vocals contrast nicely with the distorted guitars which are introduced as the song develops. About a Journey‘s lyrics focus on the every day, ‘they work hard for their children, then rush home to ignore them’ offers a snapshot of today’s society, but while others would pair these type of lyrics with a kitchen sink style sound ala The Jam or The Enemy, LELO takes the song in a welcomed different direction.