Peter Broderick & Friends head to Kitchen Street to play Arthur Russell


Peter Broderick (From the artists Facebook page)

Oregon native Peter Broderick and his band of merry musos are headed to Kitchen Street to play ‘Arthur Russell’, Getintothis’ Chris Flack has all the news you need on an avant-garde spectacular. 

Portland Oregon produces musicians much in the same way Speke produces Land Rovers, they’re trustworthy, outdoorsy and ready to run at the drop of a hat.

Peter Broderick joins a long list of musicians from the North West of the US that has managed to wow audiences the world over and make a little time for a stopover in Liverpool.

If you haven’t heard of Broderick before his output makes that a bit of a surprise, to suggest that Broderick is a busy man is perhaps a little bit of an understatement.

Broderick can put his hand to any number of musical instruments and like many multi-talented folks from that part of the world, spent a little time as a session musician.

That he can put his hand to the piano, banjo, mandolin, guitar, violin and (checks notes) musical saw, makes him a valuable commodity on the gigging front anywhere, it also makes it easy to make your own.

He has worked with Zooey Deschanel, Dolorean and spent some time with Danish ensemble Efterklang touring with the band after the release of their album Parades.

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He has released something in the range of seventeen solo albums but if we’re honest at this stage its probable that one or two have been missed off every list.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Broderick has appeared on at least 9 collaborations released over the last 20 odd years, he has appeared under pseudonyms, and no doubt, given these numbers, unlisted.

His work stretches the lines of composition, he plays heavily on the reverb and delivers chaos, chaos wrapped in distortion, it’s classical in some respects and experimental in others.

As a multi-instrumentalist, he tends toward the John Cage end of the scale, his last original album was recorded straight to tape and has been hailed as his most accomplished work to date.

It’s gentle, sinewy, melting itself into the space between bus timetables, weather reports and terrible selfies in your head, and believe us, your head will be all the better for it.

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Broderick’s latest offering is a recording of ten pieces recorded by Arthur Russell, it is a joyful, loving rendition of the work of an artist considered one of the finest avant-garde musicians in all of NYC.

Russells’ worked with and influenced a list that reads like a who’s who over a career that spanned over 20 years, Allen GinsbergDavid Byrne, Larry Levan, and Philip Glass all reflect the time they spent with Russell, that Broderick is bringing this kind of history to 24 Kitchen Street is almost too good to be true.

The UK tour dates are listed below:

20/08/19, Summerhall, Edinburgh
21/08/19, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
22/08/19, 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool
23/08/19, Headrow House, Leeds
24/08/19, Soup Kitchen, Manchester





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