Sola, Evil Pink Machine, Venus Demilo, Nulla, Charity Shop Pop: Phase One



Last night the regular event Happy Accidents celebrated its one year anniversary, and Getintothis’ Conor Baxter went down to Phase One to join the celebrations.

It’s been a brilliant year for Happy Accidents, putting on some of the best local acts for us to enjoy, along with cherrypicking some of fantastic touring bands too.

This free event was a great way to celebrate Happy Accidents success and a way to look forward to many more years of solid live music.

Surely tonight was the bargain of the decade with a lineup this strong, and somehow free.

Charity Shop Pop has a sound that makes any day feel a little warmer, something we definitely could do with after the recent weather.

Although a solo artist currently playing with a backing track, it’s not hard to see Charity Shop Pop with a full band behind him.

His music feels ready, hear for yourself on Spotify.

There’s currently four tracks on there for you to put on when someone requests music at the BBQ, or when your mood needs brightening after the train as been delayed.

Charity Shop Pop

Dreaming (it’s a nightmare) is his latest song, and it’s great. Over 1,000 quicker than any of his others, Charity Shop Pop is on the rise, tonights performance full of great tunes and beaming smiles shows that he’s onto something good.

Tonight he played two as of yet unnamed songs which were definitely slower and came with more thought-provoking lyrics than the other, more catchy songs. A strong set as ever.

Nulla took us, and most of Phase One, by surprise with just how good they were tonight. Their dreamy sound, mixed with strong vocals and brilliant guitar solos made it one the most enjoyable sets of the night.

An energetic demeanour on stage and that energy flows through to the sound they produce. It was a set that has us hooked from start to finish, definitely worth going down to see them at their next local gig.

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Venus Demilo are back and sounded as strong as ever. The guitar and beat on Bite My Tongue brings back fond memories of Viola Beach’s sound, with lyrics that take on a slightly darker note.

Nonetheless, it’s an absolute tune if you’re ears are easily pleased by indie rock. Back from their two year break, you couldn’t tell they’ve been away from the stage for so long.

They’re back on the rise and the break has clearly worked out for them. They sounded great tonight, and were more than capable of adding a touch of emotion into the room with more downbeat songs such as Sinking Ships. Which was performed brilliantly.

Their latest single All I Want is one to add to your playlists. Performed live it was brilliant, and a particular highlight of the night.

Evil Pink Machine

If Purple Disco Machine had a brother who spent his younger years on guitar rather than the turntables, he would probably be called Evil Pink Machine.

The product of an artist left unable to play guitar because of an elbow injury, the sound of Evil Pink Machine is as unique as it is brilliant.

In keeping with the electro beats of other acts on the bill, Evil Pink Machine were phenomenal, mixing electro with strong bass and guitar.

Although this was a clear step up on the electro sounds front, it was definitely welcomed by the audience. Anything with a synth and saxophone in it deserves a mention, so give Rough Patch a listen.

The sound changed throughout the set, from dark and gloomy, to borderline euphoric. It was quite special to be able to watch an act switch between the two moods, seemingly at will and with ease.

Sola put on a set which was worthy of the top spot.

After growing up in California, Sola has made Liverpool her home and is now making her name here too. The electro vibe continues here, with beats that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Flume record.

Sola has the ability to make the audience really feel it is just them and her in a room.

It is an undeniably powerful performance, and Sola’s stage presence makes it look as effortless as she makes it sound. Often compared to artists such as Billie Eilish and Banks, we also got serious Mahalia vibes from her performance tonight. Never bad company to be in.

Images by Getintothis’ Conor Baxter