Mick Head teases New Brighton Rock album tracks


Mick Head

Mick Head has been treating fans to a sequence of teasers to his new album, Getintothis’ Peter Guy on the Shack man’s social flurry.

Michael Head has been teasing fans to his first new material since 2017’s Adios Señor Pussycat.

Head, who has a UK tour in November including Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory on November 30, has posted a series of snippets from his new album New Brighton Rock.

New Brighton Rock once again sees Head collaborating with his revolving door of musicians in the Red Elastic Band – this time including Peach Fuzz‘s brothers Phil and Danny Murphy plus front man Nathaniel Cummings.

The new album is also joined by West Kirby songwriter Bill Ryder-Jones on production duties – full track listing below.

Here’s the series of music shared via Mick’s Twitter feed including the orchestral outro to Fluke and the Violette Records release American Kid.

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He’s also shared intimate pictures by Liverpool photographer John Johnson from the rehearsal rooms – it seems paper plates and his new catchphrase  ‘the don’ are the order of the day.

New Brighton Rock song list:

    1. Grace & Eddie
    2. The Next Day
    3. Kismet
    4. Freedom
    5. Miss Christine (revisited)
    6. Fluke
    7. Shirl’s Ghost
    8. Me and Andrea
    9. Paris
    10. Gino & Rico
    11. The Ten
    12. The Next Day (Instrumental)




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