Win tickets to screening of Depeche Mode film SPiRiTS in the Forest, directed by Anton Corbijn at FACT


Depeche Mode (Credit: Artists Facebook page/ Abi Raymaker)

Depeche Mode’s new film, SPiRiTS in the Forest, is set for release and you can win tickets for the screening at Picturehouse at FACT, Getintothis’ Rick Leach brings the details.

Across 2017/2018 Depeche Mode embarked on their Global Spirit Tour.

They performed to more than 3 million fans at 115 shows across the world.

This new, visually-striking film, directed by award-winning filmmaker and long-time artistic collaborator Anton Corbijn, captures the energy and spectacle of the band’s performances.

It includes footage from the tour alongside a deeper look into how their music and shows have been woven into the fabric of their fans’ lives.

Through the deeply emotional stories of six special Depeche Mode fans, the film shows how and why the band’s popularity and relevance have continued to grow over the course of their career.

The film also provides a unique look into music’s incredible power to build communities, enable people to overcome adversity and create connections across the boundaries of language, location, gender, age, and circumstance.

Artfully shot and expertly edited, Depeche Mode: SPiRiTS in the Forest goes beyond the typical concert film, weaving together exhilarating musical performances, filmed at the final shows of the Global Spirit Tour in Berlin’s famed Waldbühne (“Forest Stage”), with intimate documentary footage filmed in fans’ hometowns across the globe.

Corbijn has worked extensively with Depeche Mode as a photographer and filmmaker, he has also worked with the likes of Captain Beefheart, U2, Joy Division, New Order and others and this latest film is not to be missed.

Depeche Mode SPIRITS in the Forest

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