Best photographs of November 2019: Adam Ant, 10,000 Russos, Primal Scream, Shakespears Sister


Adam Ant – Amy Faith

It’s been a bumper month for our shooters to get out and about in a cold month, here’s the pick of the photographic bunch for November.

We don’t do too badly for gigs and events here in Liverpool as this pretty diverse selection of images shows.

But it also seems there are quite a few bands who skip the city – there have been a few tours announced recently of bands we’d like to see, but when looking down the list of venues, Liverpool is missing.

No, we’re not going to mention names.

And this isn’t fact-based piece, it’s more of a feeling or an impression.

But we know we’re not the only one who shares that view.

However, we do know it’s an issue that has bugged fans and promoters alike. It’s a conversation we have had many times.

And no one really seems to have an answer – there are venues aplenty, of that there’s no doubt.

But we have also been to Liverpool gigs along with a smattering of fellow fans, while we have read the equivalent Manchester or Leeds dates have sold out.

It isn’t helped by the constant tension created by venues existing alongside residential development. Inevitably that causes issues and the recent Agent of Change policy could hopefully provide some comfort.

But that too may be just words, as news from 24 Kitchen Street emerged (again) this week that the venue feels threatened by an apartment block going up next door and the developers not playing fair.

Previous photographs of the month

These are issues that are not unique to Liverpool, though. But, something isn’t quite right.

Which is why, when Massive Attack broke the news of a large scale super-low carbon emissions live show for 2020 in Liverpool, we felt this was a serious coup for the city. Albeit the date and venue are yet to be announced, we can be extremely proud the band has chosen Liverpool as the venue for their cutting edge idea.

And with Coldplay (yeah, OK) announcing they’re not touring their new album – just playing it twice in Jordan (Jordan?!) – then maybe there is time for a re-think. Not that we have the answers, but these are discussions that probably need to had.

In the meantime, Liverpool does OK really.

It could do better, but for now, there’s quite enough going on, as these images show.

Anyway, if you fancy getting involved with our merry band, drop us a line on Facebook, or email Peter, our Live Editor at [email protected].

Enjoy the gallery