Getintothis guestlist selections Part Three: Liverpool Bands and Artists on 2019


Guestlist Selections Part 3

Our final Getintothis guestlist selection feature for 2019 is by Liverpool’s bands and artists, Ali Horn is one of those, here he reflects on the year and ponders what the future holds.

As the dying light of the decade slowly but surely fades my only question is not only “where did the last year go?” but “where did the last two decades go?”.

I thought we as a society would have figured it out by now, but judging by the recent election result, we haven’t.

I say we… Liverpool has always stood defiant, I love this city. I’m not a scouser, but I feel like I belong.

It’s easy to get depressed about impending doom, continued austerity and seemingly the least compassionate government we’ve had in my lifetime but let’s look at some positives from 2019, there is a crack in the window and a glimmer of hope.

I guess I can only speak for myself but 2019 has been a great year, tough mentally and economically but hugely rewarding. I became self employed in the summer of 2018 and vowed at the age of 32 to play music for the rest of my life.

Spending the rest of 2018 digging into most of my savings to stay afloat, 2019 brought around an ultimatum.

Sink or swim.

Since then I’ve signed a deal with Funnel Music and Rooftop Records, toured the UK twice, played some shows in Russia, put out 3 singles (one of which was BBC 6’s Liz Kershaws single of the year) and an EP, done a heap of music videos, sessions for television and radio and generally stayed afloat.

Just about. That’s what people see anyway, that it’s been so easy.

What people probably don’t see is my blackened fingertips busking for rent in the snow in winter huddled in a parka singing to church street, guitar strings picking off chunks like a cheese grater.

It’s a grim reality but it’s my reality.

The most common thing the old dears say to me in the street is: “You should have a record deal, keep at it” or: “You should be on the telly.” They look shocked when I tell them that I do have a deal but there’s no money in music.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this.

My point is torn somewhere between the political, (with leaving Europe now looking like a certainty and the European Arts Grants now definitely not coming in, who is going to help us young musicians succeed now?) and the personal (if you want something you gotta go do it for yourself, no one else cares as much, trust me).

I’ve always pessimistically leaned toward the latter. But I think that’s a good thing.

Anyway, out of the darkness and all that. 2019 was the first time I heard Purple Mountains (RIP David Berman) which changed my life, 2019 was the first time I heard Above the Portuguese Cafe by Marvin Powell which changed my life, 2019 was the first time I heard Leisure Time by Eyesore and the Jinx which yes you’ve guessed it, changed my life.

There are a hundred or more tracks I could mention now which changed my life, even very subtly, this year and for those, I am forever grateful.

With oppression comes defiance and what better city to be in, politically and musically, to defy.

Here’s to plenty more in 2020.

Lots of Love

Ali x

Red Rum Club

Red Rum Club

Top album of 2019
Clean Cut Kid. Painwave. It’s like being in a warm bath of fuzz and every song is amazing.

Top gig of 2019
The Coral opening night of Jimmy’s Liverpool for a couple of reasons. A much-needed opening of a music venue in our city when so many are being closed down. To see The Coral on a smaller stage in an intimate setting like that was class as well.

Top tip for 2020
Mona. As soon as she releases something we would advise everyone to binge on it. Jamie Webster’s originals as well, the Scouse Gerry Cinnamon.

“While we’re here, a good friend of ours Lee Kent designed the album artwork for our debut album Matador and also our logo. He sadly passed away recently from a brain hemorrhage, he was just 25.

There’s been a GoFundMe page set up to support his family members at what is a really tough time for them. If anyone is able to support them it would mean a lot to us.

You can donate here: Lee Kent Memorial Fund.

Red Rum Club x”

Podge – Deep Cuts


Top Album of 2018
JPEGMAFIA: All My Heroes Are Cornballs 

Top Gig of 2018
Homeshake at Manchester Academy

Music Tip for 2019
Vegyn. Although he’s worked with a lot of established artists already, his solo work is becoming its own unique and creative style.

Beija Flo

My Top Album of 2019 would have to be L’amour by Lewis Baloue.
But if I have to pick albums that were actually set free this year, then I’m pretty into In Love with the Demons by Angela Aux and Thanks for the Dance by Leonard Cohen is stunning.

Angel Olsen, Aldous Harding, Tyler the Creator, Billie Eillish, they all shared some boss biters this sun lap too, can’t ignore them really.

Top gig of 2019
I had a bloody blast with the International Teachers of Pop playing the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge at the start the year. The venue was serving Indonesian food and had a Cold War Steve exhibition up, obviously amazing!

But I think Future Yard is probably my highlight. All my fav bands and us Eggy lot running around Birkenhead for the weekend was bonkers.

The pale ale was immense and they put me in the big posh town hall so that was really special. I also threw up in loads of the rooms in the town hall which was an experience..

My tip top tip for the big double 20 would have to be that onions are easy to grow and virtually look after themselves over winter. I also hope you break their legs and make the most of the outside space. Most importantly: don’t get crushed or mangled.

She Drew The Gun (photo credit: Lucy McLachlan)

She Drew the Gun

Top Album of 2019
I liked Mattiel and Richard Dawson a lot but I’m going to say Man and the Echo men of the moment, complete with a genius Cold War Steve album cover, it’s like a post election analysis way before it happened, but one you can dance to, catch them on tour early next year.

Top Gig or event of 2019
Future Yard deserves a big shout for bringing out the best of Birkenhead! Glastonbury was my no.1 but of all the festival bands we saw this year I think my favourite set was Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 at Boomtown.

Music Tip for 2020
The landscape just changed and got a lot harder for a lot of people, I’m rooting for the riot grrrls, disco punks, freak folk, the feminist punk witches, anyone that’s kicking back. Excited to hear what’s next from the ones we just toured with, Dream Nails, The Menstrual Cramps, Peaness, Mamatung, Bugeye.

Abby Meysenburg – Deep Cuts

Abby Meysenberg
Top album of 2019
Some Space, Ok Sweetheart
Fellow Pacific Northwester, Ok Sweetheart’s thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies accompanied me on countless walks, train rides, and flights this year.
Top gig of 2019
Tomberlin at YES
My first trip to YES in Manchester was this past May to see Tomberlin, a singer-songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. Even though it was just her and one other musician on stage, she captivated and held the room beautifully.
Music tip for 2020
Talk to the person next to you at the gig, especially if you’re there alone. I’ve met a handful of super cool people this year and have been put on to some bands that I now love.



Top album of 2019
Wabi-Sabi by Childcare

Childcare’s new album is basically a greatest hits collection already because the songs are so fucking good. They have made something truly special and are truly a special band. It was a joy to play our last shows of the year with them last week.

Listen to this album and have a better life.

Top gig of 2019
Clean Cut Kid at Parr Street Studios

A super intimate 50 cap gig with no press or industry, put on by a band that I love. They reminded me in that room of two things. One, why I want to do this whole band shit, and two, that you can do it your own way. In fact, doing it your own way makes everything a more wholesome experience, as the artist is allowed to show you the full scope of their vision and what they’re trying to do.

The new songs from the upcoming album Mothers Milk sounded fuckin great. I love this band so much.

Music tip for 2020
Beija FloMay there be no end to her beautiful expression and creativity. May it rise and rise above all else!

Queen Zee, BBC Introducing, Cavern Club, March 2019

Zee Davine (Queen Zee)
Top Album of 2019:
Chemical Brothers: No Geography
Top Gig of 2019
Stormzy’s Glasto Headline
Music tip for 2020
Sit Down, Ditz, Lice

Bye Louis

Bye Louis

Top album of 2019

Holly Herndon‘s Proto is unbelievable. Full of ridiculous highs and makes you feel totally unsettled. If I have to choose just one, that’s it.

Panda Bear’s Buoys, FOR YOU AND I by Loraine James, or Taking My Time to Be by Strawberry Guy. It’s so hard to choose, but I’ve kept coming back to these three probably more than any others that came out this year.

Top gig of 2019
More of a collection of gigs, but the whole of Future Yard in Birkenhead this August. The most consistently positive spirit through a gloriously sunny weekend in some stunning venues.

Music tip for 2020
Alex Teleko. Nothing released yet, but he has a really solid set of great, catchy and unique songs. Get out to see him!

Hannah’s Little Sister. Saw them support Pizzagirl in Manchester last month and their energy was something else. Amazing band, and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

And this isn’t strictly a tip, given they’re already on so many people’s radars, but SPQR are incredible and will only keep getting noticed by more people.

Douglas Savage

Douglas Savage

Top album of 2019

Norman Fucking Rockwell! – Lana Del Rey
My “Spotify wrapped 2019” recently revealed that I’ve spent 186 hours listening to Lana Del Rey this year. I could only really put this album at the top, because I’ve obviously not had time to listen to any others! I’ve always been a big fan of Lana, but she’s really outdone herself on this one.

When it comes to music, I love nothing more than an accompanying concept that I can sink my teeth in to. I find the world that Lana conjures up with her voice and imagery really exciting.

Top gig of 2019
Confidence Man at Liverpool Sound City
I had no idea who this band were when friends took me to see them at Sound City. I can’t stress enough how much fun I had, I’ve been shouting about it ever since. Legend says if you listen closely enough, you might just hear a faint whisper in the distance of me saying, “Have you heard of Confidence Man?!”. They had the energy in the room up to 100% and every song was a banger. Loads and loads of fun.

Music tip for 2020
Eli Smart and Green Tangerines
Eli Smart
 is definitely one to watch – listening to his effortlessly cool ‘Aloha Soul’ is about as chill as you can be without flying yourself to Hawaii and having a cocktail on the beach.Sylvester (guitarist and co-writer in the Douglas Savage band) has tipped Green Tangerines at the top of his list for 2020. Having only formed recently, they’ve taken the Liverpool live circuit by storm and are definitely not about to slow down.



Top album of 2019
Richard Dawson2020

Top gig of 2019
Any La Violette Società. Love what those guys are doing.

Music tip for 2020
Warm Drag

Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep

Top Album of 2019
Big Wows by Stealing Sheep 😉

Top Gig of 2019
Tame Impala in Blackpool ballroom!!!

Music Tip for 2020
sassy 009

Vile Assembly

Vile Assembly
Top Album of 2019
Viagra Boys: Street Worms
Top gig of 2019
Black Midi, Phase One