Liverpool ‘Fuck The Tories’ street rave: hundreds take to city centre in Tory protest


Liverpool’s Fuck The Tories rave

Liverpool city centre sees another anti Tory street rave and Getintothis’ Warren Millar joins the dancing masses.

Liverpool city centre once again came to a stand-still when the second ‘Fuck the Tories‘ rave descended on Church Street.

Busy Saturday afternoon shoppers were stopped in their tracks as ravers and revellers staged the latest protest against Boris Johnson‘s Conservative Party government.

Once again, the streets surrounding Church Street became alive with techno beats, dancing and wonderful anti Tory placards.

This time the event was a little less of a surprise, given that a Facebook page announced that the Fuck The Tories Street rave number 2 to take place today. Even though announced and a little more warning was given, it seemed to take Liverpool City Centre shoppers by surprise in the sunny but cold winter afternoon.

After a few tech problems with the PA system, Getintothis’ very own Amy Chidlow had the city centre shoppers stopping and taking their phones out to get snaps and videos. The people were in a party mood and a mood to tell those who look down on us that “It aint gonna happen here in Liverpool”.

By the time we were leaving we felt warm and energised on a cold windy day in Liverpool City Centre.

In the General Election back in December last year the Tory party gained many seats but Liverpool remained isolated in Red and anti-Tory activist in the City have now sent out a message to the Tory Government that Liverpool will not take it lying down or roll over and accept any B.S. from them.

The first ‘Fuck The Tories’ street rave, which saw several hundred take to the streets of Liverpool, occurred on January 4.

The Conservative party won the General Election in December 2019 with massive gains of traditional former Labour seats in the north of England.

However, Liverpool bucked the trend, with Labour holding onto all of its seats.

The rave saw many people join in the sentiments with Twitter alight with comments – here’s some of the reaction.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Warren Millar.