‘Fuck The Tories’ rave takes over Liverpool city centre – ‘Boris Drinks Buckfast With a Straw’


Fuck the Tories rave in Liverpool city centre

An impromptu rave took over the streets of Liverpool, Getintothis’ Peter Guy on the anti-establishment knees-up.

Liverpool city centre came to a stand-still when a ‘Fuck the Tories‘ rave descended on Church Street.

Festive city centre shoppers were joined by anti-Tory activists during a surprise rave in the city centre.

Demonstrators took to Church Street protesting against the Conservative party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre was in Liverpool and tweeted a video of the scene, adding: “Meanwhile in #liverpool #fuckthetories/#fuckwar”

Niamh Henderson, said on Twitter: “Why is the a crowd of people in Liverpool city centre with “Fuck the Tories” signs cutting mad shapes to DnB btw?

Getintothis’ Amy Chidlow, who took part in the event, said: “It was fucking boss – there were loads of ace placards and the vibe was really fun but with a strong message we won’t tolerate the Tories and their bullshit.

Techno and break beat spilled on to the city streets as people brought placards which read ‘Anti Capitalist Dance Riot’, ‘Rave for Change’, ‘Fuck the Tories, ‘Boris Drinks Buckfast With a Straw’ and ‘Make Tories Afraid Again’.

The Conservative party won the General Election in December 2019 with massive gains of traditional former Labour seats in the north of England.

However, Liverpool bucked the trend, with Labour holding onto all of its seats.

See the graphic below.

The rave saw many people join in the sentiments with Twitter alight with comments – here’s some of the reaction.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Amy Chidlow and Mark Rowley.





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