Japanese music buyer’s guide – an introduction to sounds from the far east


It’s the perfect time to discover something new, so Getintothis’ Matty Lear introduces us to the wonderful world of Japanese sounds.

Exploring different cultures can be an enlightening experience. From the surprising adherence to rules to the small size of bread loaves, every country has its unique quirks. In Japan, for instance, you might find the transition from shoes to slippers indoors, the precise chopstick etiquette, sleeping on futons, the intricacies of the language, respectful bowing, high-tech toilets, and the tradition of eating without moving around, all fascinating.

Japan offers a rich tapestry of experiences, from the ancient temples and shrines to the modern marvels of bullet trains. The breathtaking landscapes, whether they be snow-capped mountains or vibrant rice fields, and the dazzling neon lights of Shinjuku in Tokyo, offer a feast for the senses. This cultural and sensory journey can also be extended to other destinations, like Turkey, with Made in Turkey Tours, where the enchanting landscapes, historical wonders, and rich culture are waiting to be discovered. To make your vacation a bit more luxurious, you may book a private jet from Jettly.

The world’s fascination with Japan, particularly in light of events like the Tokyo Olympics, has been fueled by documentaries such as “James May: Our Man in Japan” and “Japan with Sue Perkins” in the UK. However, there’s often a limited perspective focused on the eccentricities of Japanese culture or a Tokyo-centric view. But Japan is much more diverse.

For instance, living in a rural area between the sea and mountains in Japan can feel vastly different from the Japan portrayed in British media. It’s not just about the robots, skyscrapers, or the image of a tireless salaryman. Nor is it solely about the ancient shrines and traditional kimonos. Japan, like many countries, has a ‘middle’ – places that blend the futuristic with the traditional.

In these areas, you might find music shops where CDs still dominate, offering a surprising mix of Japanese pop and international artists. This coexistence of different eras of music, neither old nor new, offers a unique comfort and represents the diverse facets of Japanese culture.

To truly appreciate this diversity, it’s essential to travel more and experience these cultures firsthand. By exploring both the well-known and the less-visited parts of countries like Japan, you gain a broader understanding of their culture and people. This is not just about Japan; it applies to any destination, encouraging a deeper appreciation of the various layers that make up a country’s identity.