Anna B Savage releases live version of Chelsea Hotel #3


Anna B Savage Credit: Jem Talbot

Anna B Savage has released a live version of her track, Chelsea Hotel #3, Getintothis’ Emilie Clark listens to the stunning song and its feminist message.

Anna B Savage is a London based singer-songwriter who uses stark vulnerability to create atmosphere within her songs.

Chelsea Hotel #3 was released earlier this year, and discusses her journey with discovering female pleasure.

The song explores Savage’s own hang-ups and confusions about women’s roles in sex, and her revelation of how women should be viewed in regard to it.

I’ve spent the last few years actively unlearning things I spent my first twenty years passively being fed.

Like how women are sexualised, but never allowed to be sexual, they are the object (sometimes even an object). 

It’s wildly frustrating and sad. Out of these thoughts came ‘Chelsea Hotel #3.”

An acoustic live version of Chelsea Hotel #3 has been recorded at the Barbican Conservatory in London.

The location of the live performance lends itself perfectly to the soft song, her unique yet rich voice carries the powerful lyrics through the large empty space. The soft melody is complimented by soothing running water and aesthetically pleasing visuals of beautiful plants.

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Savage was delighted at having the opportunity to record the live version at this location: “Seeing monstera with aerial roots hanging three stories down, with leaves bigger than my torso was an absolute joy.

“So, for me, the contrast between the brutalism and this lush, verdant greenery felt like a perfect spot to do a session. And the perfect excuse to be in The Conservatory with no one else in there, which is a real privilege.”

Chelsea Hotel #3 is a nod to Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel #2, however, she alters the lyrics slightly to a new perspective and uses this as part of her exploration into changing her views on what women deserve.

While the song details her own experiences, it is a situation that many women will be able to relate to. Savage addresses this, saying,

The song is a groan of boredom for the role of passive, mute, muse women, and a scream for female autonomy and pleasure.”

Anna B Savage has previously supported the likes of Father John Misty and Jenny Hval, and with her debut album soon to be released via City Slang; it’s likely that she will only continue to gain popularity and success.

Listen to the original track, and the live version at the Barbican Conservatory, below: