One good song – the HUGE bands with just ONE decent track


Stone Roses

Ever wonder how some bands are playing arenas whilst you think that 98% of their songs are terrible?Getintothis’ Steven Doherty chooses the small lights in some very dark tunnels.

Before we begin, please bear in mind that this is only a bit of fun, and just the opinion of one man.

So, just to clarify, this is not a list of one-hit wonders, there’s no Babylon Zoo, Stiltskin or White Town type thing going on here.

As a side-note, since the demise and destruction of the Singles Chart, is there still such a thing as a one-hit wonder?

Anyway, it’s not about that.

This is about acts who have got a very healthy sized back catalogue, with differing levels of worldwide success, who all have one thing in common.

They are all, as the title suggests, big acts who only have one great song.

You would think, to be a household name, that you would need at least a handful, but no, it would appear that these chancers are just getting away with the tiniest of flukes, that one moment where they knocked something out that is head and shoulders above anything else they’ve produced.

In most cases, this has not even been one of their bigger tunes, it could be a lesser known single, but just something that has levitated them into the list.

And surely that’s better than being a big act with no great songs, right?

Oasis: Top 10 rubbish songs

The list had some stipulations, the bands had to be capable (if still going) of filling at least an O2 Academy-sized venue and have more than a couple of records to choose from.

So, after reading this, try to think of your own, that one song you really like whilst hating everything else that band has come up with, you’ll all have your favourites (or not).

And whilst on that thread, just a thing to remember, this is only an opinion, and just like birth mothers, we all have our own.

Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, these are the individual views of the writer and not Getintothis as a whole.


11. Bon Jovi

Still big enough to be playing a tour of football stadiums just last year, their particular brand of grating hair soft metal brought us this over-the-top classic back in 1987.

This video is quite hypnotising and as a youth, somehow made me jealous of the lives of the members of Bon Jovi.


10. Bryan Adams

Technically, he has only half a great song, as this is a duet, and one where he very much plays second fiddle to the much superior Tina Turner.

But the guitar is ace in it.

Almost makes up for that Summer Of 69 or Robin Hood guff. But not quite.


Bruce Springsteen: Top Ten

Pearl Jam

9. Pearl Jam

The epitome of the bad times of early 90’s Grunge, thank God that the great storm that was Britpop came along when it did, and swept this sort of misery away.

The mopey lack-of-fun-sters definitely peaked early with this one, and it’s been a continuing law of diminishing returns very much since.


8. Jamiroquai

When I am lying on my death bed, contemplating all the time wasted in life, the two hours where I was unfortunate enough to see Jamiroquai live will figure prominently in those thoughts.

This is somewhat classier to his usually wibbly dross-funk, and stands out in his repertoire like a beacon.


No Doubt (from artist’s Facebook)

7. No Doubt

Everything that went before this seemed to be ska-lite, fey nonsense.

After this, Gwen Stefani went on to make an excellent solo record, full of proper tunes, so we should all be grateful that this also-banger turned out to be some sort of starting point.


The Kooks

6. The Kooks

I remember vividly the first time I heard this, and was convinced that they were going to be massive, as long as they had another load of catchy tunes to rank alongside this.

Alas they didn’t, and it was the likes of the shocking Ooh La and She Moves In Her Own Way that sadly followed instead.


Terrible music movies: Top 10

The Clash. Photo from the artist’s Facebook page

5. The Clash

Welcome to the sacred cow section of the list.

Has always baffled me as to the love for this band, but each, very much, to their own.

Too bland to be punk, too angry to be mellow, all a bit messy, just never got it, except the poppiness of the below obvious single.


4. Bruce Springsteen


Never bought into all that rabble-rousing, man of the people-ness, the below being a diamond in the rough of that most bombastic of all records.

And yes, I know his earlier stuff is better, but still not enough.


3. Bob Dylan

Mr Zimmerman only makes it in due to the “not including Christmas records” rule (his Must Be Santa is an annual festive treat).

This song fascinated me as a child, and the video is still one of the most innovative of the generation.

And yet everything else I’ve heard since has been so meh.

That’s right, meh.


The Stone Roses: Top Ten

2. Elvis Presley

And speaking of discounting Xmas songs and being a bit meh.

One of those singers that people automatically think are brilliant, but put on his Greatest Hits and that will tell a different story.

Except for this pearler.


Stone Roses

1.The Stone Roses

Top of the list due to being in the unique situation that both the band and the singer on his own could have both appeared in the list (My Star for Ian Brown).

Thought I was going to have a new found love for this band when I first heard this first track from the follow up to the (in my opinion) weedy-sounding debut record, but alas this was to be a one-off.

Just remember, bit of fun.






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