Zombi announce new album 2020 – listen to Breakthrough & Conquer


Zombi (photo by Matt Dayak)

American electro prog rockers Zombi have confirmed a new LP is on its way, Getintothis’ Will Neville shuffles up with all the details.

Zombi’s seventh full-length LP is out July 17 on Relapse Records named 2020.

The new album is the band’s first since Space Shift in 2015, which featured among Getintothistop 100 albums of the year.

The instrumental Pittsburgh duo of Steve Moore on bass and synths and drummer A.E. Paterra have been releasing records since their self-titled debut in 2001.

Moore had previously been a member of the metal-meets-no-wave outfit Microwaves, while Pattera had come from noise rockers The 1985.

2020 promises to be their most riff-intensive record to date, with inspirations including synth-wave and Blue Öyster Cult, to add to their characteristic prog tendencies of Rush, Goblin and John Carpenter horror synth reference points.

Paterra said, “Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have expected us to still be writing music – but we’ve managed to stick together and continually improve our production and engineering techniques, which makes this whole process completely rewarding.

“As always we’ve tried to make a different album this time around, and we hope our fans will enjoy it as much as we do.”

The Horror of Goblin at Manchester’s Grimmfest

Phil Manley from Maryland post rockers Trans Am provides guitar solos on album opener Breakthrough & Conquer, which would wonderfully soundtrack an 80’s action movie montage sequence. Take a listen below.

2020 Tracklist:

  1. Breakthrough & Conquer
  2. Earthscraper
  3. No Damage
  4. XYZT
  5. Fifth Point of the Pentangle
  6. Family Man
  7. Mountain Ranges
  8. First Flower
  9. Thoughtforms





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