L.A. Witch tease new album with single I Wanna Lose


L.A. Witch

The Californian rock trio have returned, heralding their sophomore record Play With Fire, Getintothis’ Will Truby reports.

L.A. Witch are back with a brand new single from their upcoming third album.

Play With Fire, which is a must listen for fans of Honeyblood or The Kills, captures the drunken swagger of their eponymous first album and injects a hyperactive urgency.

Vocalist and guitarist Sade Sanchez said: “I Wanna Lose is about feeling free and feeling stronger because you’ve lost everything and now you’ve got everything to win. It’s about being a punching bag in a martyr-like way, and losing a fight to move on.”

Set to be released on August 21 through Suicide Squeeze, the LP is a raucous grunge rock record drenched in reverb.

Written during just two months at the beginning of the year before COVID-19 hit, the time constraints and pressure forced the band to think outside of the box.

Outlining the mission statement behind the album, Sanchez said: “Don’t fear mistakes or the future. Take a chance. Say and do what you really feel, even if nobody agrees with your ideas”.

Blending influences from across America’s rock history, L.A. Witch take their unique dusty desert vibes and throw it in the wash alongside 60s psychedelia, 70s punk and 80s art rock.

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The first LP pressing of Play With Fire is limited to 1,500 copies worldwide; with a thousand copies being pressed onto translucent yellow vinyl, and 500 label exclusive copies on clear vinyl with red and black splatter.

The band’s debut album, L.A Witch released back in 2017, was met with generally glowing reviews.

Though the trio themselves admit that the band was started as a casual affair, and that the album was written over the duration of a couple of years, their popularity grew steadily and L.A. Witch soon became their focus.

Play With Fire – L.A. Witch


1. Fire Starter
2. Motorcycle Boy
3. Dark Horse
4. I Wanna Lose
5. Gen-Z
6. Sexorexia
7. Maybe the Weather
8. True Believers
9. Starred