Leila Moss announces new album Who the Power


Liela Moss

Liela Moss prepares to release her second album Who the Power  and Getintothis’ Andy Walker has the story so far.

Liela Moss has announced her new solo album Who The Power is to be released 7th August via Bella Union. To mark the occasion Moss shared a video for lead track Atoms At Me.

If you’re going to deconstruct the modern psyche,” says Liela Moss, “you might as well dance to it.”

On her second solo album, Moss gives it all the power its title calls for. Who the Power follows 2018’s debut solo album My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth.

Moss says of her feelings during the build-up to the album: “To make music for the sake can sometimes feel like a narcissistic thing to do, and very reflective of our times.

I wanted to explore my fears of tipping the scales the other way: why should I continue to re-enact the narcissistic habits of our generation, desperate for validation, desperate for space, for ‘a platform’?

With Moss’ new life as a parent she entered a period of “hardcore self-enquiry”.

Moss was intent to cleanse her palate and anatomise her motivations to make music. “Fucking about with some demos to justify my existence was not an option.”

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Refreshed in her hunger to explore new, meaningful ways to engage with the world she delivers an urgent album largely focused on the angst of consumerism and environmental impacts.

Moss wrote and recorded the album in their studio in Somerset with partner/producer Toby Butler, with a desire “to create something more urgent”.

Over 14 years, Moss’s work with the Duke Spirit ranged from brawling riff-rock to more cinematic ventures.

Other gigs have included synth-rock recordings with Butler under the name Roman Remains and various collaborative ventures – with UNKLE, Nick Cave, Giorgio Moroder and Lost Horizons, as well as serving as muse for fashion icons Alexander McQueen and Phillip Lim.

If My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth offered a haunting snapshot of Moss’ restlessly intuitive instincts, Who the Power stands as a fertile testament to the potential in Moss’ self-possessed yet receptive way of working.