Liverpool Sound City 2012: Top 10 British bands


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Getintothis provides our tips of the UK bands set for Liverpool Sound City 2012.

1. Ghost Outfit at The Kazimier, Thursday May 17, 8pm-8.30pm
If only everything in life was this simple. Delightfully scuzzy lo-fi life-affirming rock from Salford. Ideal to get the Sound City party started.

2. Clutter at Screenadelica, Thursday May 17, 9pm-9.30pm
Something completely different by way of Dalton-in-Furness. Clutter is the work of lone swordsman, Shaun Blezard, an improv-electro wizard who makes beautiful and somewhat blissful compositions which wouldn’t sound of out place soundtracking the Blue Planet.
Fans of Jóhann Jóhannsson will have a field day with Blezard’s minimalist jazzy ambience and we can only imagine the lovely drones emanating around Gary McGarvey‘s Screenadelica warehouse.

3. Django Django at Red Bull Studio live at The Garage, Thursday 9-9.30pm
One of the big breakthrough bands of the year, Django Django make a quick return to Liverpool after their date earlier this year.
Melding a geeky charm with irresistible hip-shaking grooves, expect the Garage to be full to bursting.

4. Spring Offensive at Bold Street Coffee, Friday May 18, 9pm-9.30pm
In one of the cutest moves of Liverpool Sound City 2012, bands are set to play the finest coffee shop in town. Oxford’s Spring Offensive are another much-fancied Brit band, plying sprightly sea changes of clipperty-clop guitar chops imbued with melancholic vocal melodies.
Guaranteed to have young girls swaying with their lattes.

5. Patterns at Leaf Cafe first floor, Friday May 18, 10pm-10.30pm
More Mancunian magic. Hotly-tipped Patterns have been on the lips of tastemakers for sometime and it’s easy to see why – buoyant melodies dripping with echo and ethereal bliss make this easy on the ear but with enough craft to never slip into familiar territory.
The upstairs of Leaf will provide the perfect backdrop for some swirling BIG sounds.
6. Jonquil at Wolstenholme Creative Space, Friday May 18, midnight-1am
One of Getintothis‘ favourite promoting teams, Everisland have picked a beauty for their WCS showcase in Oxford’s joyously bouncy Jonquil.
Imagine Foals having digested far too many packets of Lovehearts and you’re nearly there. The only worry is that with hundreds of sweaty teens squeezing into Caroline and Priya’s gaff we could have a mini riot on our hands.
Actually, that sounds like a pretty good night. See you there.

7. PINS, Wolstenholme Creative Space, Saturday May 19 at 7pm-7.30pm
You’ll swear you’ve heard this lot before. Vivian Girls? Nope. Dum Dum Girls? Nope. Warpaint? Guess again.
They are in fact another great new buzz band from down the M62. They are however, more Brooklyn than Burnage, oozing white noise and soaking wet with frazzled goodness.
I can only imagine what racket will go down inside those white washed walls at Wolstenholme.

8. Post War Years at the Garage, Friday May 18, 9pm-9.30pm
An old favourite of Getintothis and forming touring mates Wave Machines, PWY are that crafty collective that sneak up on you with seductive, understated hooks before blowing you out of the water.
On first listen you’ll be intrigued, on second you’ll be hooked. Always on the money in the live arena, this is one band not to miss.

9. Crash Of Rhinos at Screenadelica, Saturday May 19, 11pm-11.30pm
Screenadelica is a jewel in the crown of Liverpool Sound City. Poster exhibition space by day, brutal battleground for barnstorming live bands by night.
Derby’s Crash of Rhinos deliver on their promise of thick-skinned beats, pummelling riffs and dumb songs to jump around a lot too.
Expect Screenadelica to go off all weekend, and Crash of Rhinos will be leading the charge.

10 Sweet Billy Pilgrim at Leaf Cafe first floor, Saturday midnight-12.45pm
A real scoop by the Harvest Sun team this one. Imagine Elbow but without the chest-beating cheesy choral schlock and you’re almost there, Sweet Billy Pilgrim will have you crying inside with their lyrical emo all the while providing some of the sweetest musical odes you’ve heard in a long time.
Another band made for Leaf‘s beautiful high ceilings. SBP could be the live band of LSC 2012.

Getintothis will be back soon with the Top 10 international bands and Merseyside bands of Liverpool Sound City 2012, plus our annual route-planner by an LSC insider.
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