The Red Room: Lifeline


Lifeline The Red Room Southport band Getintothis.jpg
The Red Room – presenting new adventures in hi-fi.

Does it feel like the chaos is over? Does it seem as if it’s just begun?
Fairly symptomatic of the times those introductory words from Southport four-piece The Red Room. And fairly in keeping with the lyrical subject matter at the forefront of their most obvious musical inspiration – a certain Athens, Georgia four-piece.
But that’s alright with us, as everyone knows Getintothis has a big soft spot for Stipe and co. – and this big belter ticks all the right boxes; clanging, angular post-punk guitar chops, heart-string twanging Paul Flanagan/Harry Sherriff vocal harmonies, a thrillingly expansive Americana groove and an arresting catchiness which refuses to relent long after those final refrains have fizzed out of earshot.
And yet, there’s two very distinct sides to The Red Room‘s armoury – check out their other material for a breezier, hook-laden Strokes finesse on tracks like Summer and Is That All You’ve Got.
But we’ll take Murmur over Is This It, anytime.