Bantam Lions: Imagining Things


Bantam Lions – keeping it nice and easy.

Mike Carney‘s easy. Or should we say makes it look easy. He positively oozes easy.
Getintothis kinda imagines him lollopping down Bold Street, not a care in the world, as people walk up to him handing him free pizza, coffee and guestlists to shows he won’t be attending.
Because he’s not interested in any of that; he’s coasting solo in his warm, bubble-wrap cloak of viscous tune gurgles, composing on the move liquid plumes of slick vibra-beats that slope off in circular fashion – nice, and easy.
Imagining Things is his, or should we say Bantam Lions‘, latest easy vibe; 156 seconds oodling off to nowhere because it’s easier that way.

Bantom Lions share the stage with PAN records’ NHK’Koyxen on Tuesday April 16 at Camp and Furnace‘s Blade Factory with fellow Merseysider Isocore for Deep Hedonia‘s next trip into the electronic ether. Easy does it.

On a completely unrelated note, we just stumbled across this gem by Tortoise. Listen to it.

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