Fiesta Bombarda: Bold Street Bombarda at Leaf Tea Shop


Fiesta Bombarda bring the carnival spirit to Leaf on Bold Street promising fresh new music and their characteristic festivities.

Fiesta Bombarda‘s Williamson Tunnels gig in February was a thing of beauty.
Outrageous musical antics, hundreds of revellers all jam-packed into an underground cavern. How very Liverpool.
This time round on Friday March 15, they’re in the slightly more familiar setting of Leaf on Bold Street, welcoming back to the city Spring Offensive, who were rather brilliant during their two sets at last year’s Liverpool Sound City; one of which was a boards-thumping show at Bold Street Coffee which made it into our top 10 performances of the festival.
Alongside them are Highfields, James Canty, Silent Sleep and a whole host of others, plus DJs, aquatic visuals and *excitement klaxon* ‘a surprise performance‘.
Prince is already committed to SXSW, so we’re hoping Pope Francis offers up some Argentinian reggae and gives us all a good blessing.
It’s three quid. Yep, £3. It’s going to be very fun, indeed. Find out more here.
Ady Suleiman and Ed Black at Fiesta Bombarda in the Williamson Tunnels
King Twit cranking up the Fiesta in Williamson Tunnels
Photography by Reven and Andrew AB.




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