Threshold Festival 2013: Director Chris Carney’s routeplanner


Threshold Festival 2013 kicks off on Friday with hundreds of music acts, arts events and panel discussions taking place throughout Liverpool. Top man Chris Carney provides his ultimate guide to what’s on and where to find it. Very handy. What a lovely fella.

Threshold Festival returns for it’s 2013 edition on Friday.
Boasting more than 180 performers, artists and creative types, Threshold Festival 2013 utilises spaces across the city, including Camp and Furnace, Elevator Bar, Baltic Creative, The Picket, Arena Studios and many more as bands, one-off events and exhibitions are staged across the city.
There’s also a fringe event at the Albert Dock. That’s quite some going.
In order to gain some insight into the absolute feast of jibber jabber that’s on offer, we’ve asked Threshold director Chris Carney to select the must-see/watch events – this year, unlike last year, he’s added the arts, visuals, films and panels which are very much part and parcel of one of Liverpool’s biggest grassroots events of the year.
As co-director Kaya Herstad Carney has declared: ‘We don’t do anything by halves. This has been a joy to piece together – it’s our best festival yet by a long way.
This list goes some way to backing up that claim. Devour at will.
If you’re after a comprehensive guide to everything happening at Threshold Festival check out this link.

Friday March 8

19:15: Vanessa Murray – Furnace, Greenland St
19:30: The 69 Watts – Elevator, Parliament St
20:00: Kitty Kimono (Performance Art) – Camp, Parliament St
20:30: Robyn Woolston (Visual Art) – Art Attic, Parliament St
20:45: Bolshy Music – The Picket, Jordan St
21:00: Statement Haircut – The Gold Room, Greenland St
21:30: Ioisis Aerial Acrobatics (Performance Art) – Camp Greenland St
21:55: John Fairhurst – Furnace, Greenland St
22:15: Book Thieves – Elevator, Parliament St
22:30: Alright the Captain – Blade Factory, Greenland St
22:55: Man Get Out – Elevator, Parliament St
23:20: Johnny Panic & The Fever – Camp, Greenland St
23:35: The Broken Men – Elevator, Parliament St
0:00: Threshold, Milk, Waxxx, everisland After-Part – Blade Factory, Parliament St

Saturday March 9

10:30: Viva Vintage – (panel) – Baltic Creative, Jamaica St
11:00: PillBox Vintage Fair (shopping) – Furnace, Greenland St
11:00: Sam Skinner & Charles Holden (visual art) – Shoot Gallery, Greenland St
11:30: Pamela Sullivan (visual art) – The Ramp, Greenland St
12:00: Listening Within Tent (activity) – Furnace, Greenland St
12:30: Disquiet & Surrender (visual art) – Arena Studios, Parliament St
13:00: For the Love? Philanthropy in Music (panel) – Baltic Creative, Jamaica St
14:00: Louis Barabbas – The Picket, Jordan St
14:30: Folk-e-Oke with 62 Pieces of Lego – Furnace, Greenland St
15:00: The Tin Foil Hat Brigade – The Gold Room, Greenland St
15:30: 201: An Earth Odyssey (panel) – Baltic Creative, Jamaica St
16:00: 3 Minute Hero – Elevator, Parliament St
16:30: Jody Cooper – Elevator, Parliament St
17:00: Richard Barry – The Picket, Jordan St
17:40: Christina Malley – Furnace, Greenland St
18:00: Mr. Wolf Collective (performance), Camp, Greenland St
18:30: Beans on Toast – The Picket, Jordan St
19:00: Emilio Pinchi – Elevator, Parliament St
19:15: The Science of The Lamps – The Picket, Jordan St
19:50: Coffee & Cakes for Funerals – Furnace, Greenland St
20:30: David Harbottle – Elevator, Parliament St
21:00: Pixels – The Gold Room, Greenland St
21:30: Paddy Steer’s 3 Pronged Audio Bath – Blade Factory, Greenland St
22:00: Esco Williams – Furnace, Greenland St
22:25: Robert Vincent – Elevator , Parliament St
22:45: We The Undersigned – Camp, Greenland St
23:30: Buddha & William Breakspear – The Picket, Jordan St
01:00: Sound & Fury – Furnace, Greenland St
01:30: CMWMSMDM vs Kid Blast – Camp, Greenland St

Sunday March 10

12:00: Pamela Sullivan (visual art) – Blade Factory, Greenland St
12:30: Adam Collier (visual art) – Art Attic, Greenland St
13:10: Oxtoby – Elevator, Parliament St
14:00: Pub Talk (performance) – Lobby, Camp & Furnace, Greenland St
15:00: Efterklang: The Ghost of Piramida Film – The Gold Room, Greenland St
16:00: Reflections of Giants Panel – Baltic Creative, Jamaica St
17:00: Jazzhands – Blade Factory, Greenland St
17:30: Frances Wood – Furnace, Greenland St
18:00: Creative Community Choir – Camp, Greenland St
18:50: Jessica’s Ghost – Furnace, Greenland St
19:30: Guardians – Blade Factory, Greenland St
20:20: The Wretched Pearls – Elevator, Parliament St
20:45: MiC Lowry – Furnace, Greenland St
21:25: Natalie McCool – Furnace, Greenland St
22:25: The Mono Lps – Elevator, Parliament St
23:15: RumJig – Elevator, Parliament St

Threshold Festival 2013, March 8-10, weekend tickets: £20, student weekend ticket: £15, Friday tickets: £10, Saturday tickets: £10, Sunday tickets: £5
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