Bird, Zombina and Lovecraft to summon the spirits with Halloween show


white blacula.jpg
Liverpool Halloween at the Kazimier is looking delectably dark as Everisland bring the fearful masses a night signed off by Satan himself.

Forget the commercialised crap; plastic bats, Gregg’s ‘Scary Chicken Madras’ pastie (for real, look it up) and bratty kids begging for sugar and money. For many people All Hallows Eve carries with it the potential for artistic freedom.
Lucky then that Everisland have put together a night guaranteed to get the heart racing and blood pumping on Thursday October 31.
The Kazimier might well be your final resting place on a chilly, pitch-black night as Bird, Zombina & The Skeletones, Lovecraft, Sankofa and White Blacula go for the jugular and let the sacrificial blood-letting commence.
GIT Award 2013 nominee Nadina Carina will also be airing new material from her new EP, Things That People Love To Remember (see below).
A musical bill stacked higher than Leatherface‘s meat locker is adorned with fearful accompaniment by the likes of Henry Pulp, presenting a very special performance spectacle as he recounts tales of insanity and horror through a combination of sinister silhouettes and memory-laced visuals.
Mr. Wolf Collective will be aiding the atmosphere with all manner of black magic, while the Psycho Motel DJs will be on hand with their usual demented distortions.
A night of hellacious noise, ancient rituals and fear awaits. Dare you join them?
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