Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band: The Kazimier, Liverpool – picture gallery


Mick Head - The Kazimier-5.jpg
Mick Head’s return to Liverpool left his audience in a state of awed reverence, Getintothis’ John Johnson captured a gig that bordered on an ethereal happening.

It could have all gone so wrong. Shack’s Michael Head has had a long career that, while throwing up some heroic timeless classics, has suffered from a number of serious setbacks.
Despite the portentous omens, Head got on with things and did what he does best. Read Jamie Bowman’s glowing review of a great night here.
In the meantime, have a look at John Johnson’s fantastic gallery that captures the full scope and ambition of the show.
Mick Head - The Kazimier-7.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-6.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-25.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-15.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-12.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-4.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-3.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-26.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-10.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-21.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-11.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-2.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-8.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-16.jpg
Mick Head - The Kazimier-13.jpg
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