So Sexual enact their own Transient Scenes


So Sexual are bringing retro synth-driven tunes back to Liverpool, Getintothis’ Joseph Viney explores the darker side of our city, festooned with tales of worn hearts.

Big city, big world. It all echoes perpetually.
Morrissey very famously captured the creeping miasma of modern suburban life; commenting upon wanting to stand on your own, leave on your own, go home, crying and wanting to die.
So Sexual continue much in the same vein, bringing with it doomed romance, a contrary sense of sprightly desolation and, among the scattered remnants, a peculiar sense of dark optimism.
As the old saying goes, So Sexual are something of a riddle wrapped in an enigma.
Their new EP, Transient Scenes (Bleeding Gold Records), marries pulsing rhythms, synth attacks and deep, considered vocals.
It conjures up images of The Cure, Joy Division, many other New Wave contemporaries and, in the modern age, a more raw Interpol.
The quartet is comprised of the head honchos of EDiLS Recordings and the hidden gem duo, Go Heeled. With that pedigree, you just about fancy their chances.

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