Swim Deep, Wolf Alice, The Oxygen Thieves: The Kazimier, Liverpool


Swim Deep headlined a night with many possibilities and twists and turns. Getintothis’ Laurie Cheeseman oversaw stylistic changes, Cyndi Lauper covers and an arresting finale.

Walking into a packed Kazimier for the support band’s support band is always a (pleasantly) weird sight.
Ever weirder when nearly everyone is sat down too, bizarrely ignoring the Oxygen Thieves’ undeniable energy and onstage talent.
It must have something to do with their immaculately stoned vibes demanding the space a larger venue like the Kazimier is able to provide for their surprisingly expansive sound.
Wolf Alice at the Kazimier, Liverpool
We’re not really sure what’s happened to Wolf Alice either tonight; gone (although not entirely) is their boppy indie pop of old and in is something decidedly grungier. Even their massive summer tune Bros sounds somewhat like Goo-era Sonic Youth.
This new dimension does wonders for them and their introverted swagger is lapped up by an enthralled audience throughout their short but sweet set. Only their new (ish) cut Blush sounds anything like their recorded fare; all lush, hazy melodies and what can only be described as an forcefully dreamy rhythm section.
Or in other words, a Slowdive you can dance to. On that note, why was almost no one dancing? Folks these days need to stop gawping at the stage and like, y’know, have some fun.
Swim Deep at the Kazimier, Liverpool
A serious lack of grooving is also far too prevalent for the majority of Swim Deep’s set. Not that their music isn’t groove-worthy, far from it in fact.
Ever so slight Madchester vibes peek through the grunge, and in fact takes over during what can one can only assume to be a mad Stone Roses tribute; the 5 minute white man funk breakdown. Supoib stuff for a band who hide beneath their shyness onstage.
Other than that, the only real highlight was the obligatory Cyndi Lauper cover (’cause girls just wanna have fun dontchaknow?) as half of Wolf Alice, who were meant to come on for the encore, managed to reportedly get themselves arrested. Shame really. It would have been a fitting end to the night.
Pictures by Getintothis’ Gaz Jones.
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