Joy Orbison, Pearson Sound, Fold: East Village Arts Club, Liverpool


Joy Orbison posits a late contender for party of the year, Getintothis’ Laurie Cheeseman emerges from another Abandon Silence bleary eyed into the light.

This autumn’s round of Abandon Silence excellence is coming to an end, but before the year’s final party there’s the jewel in the year’s crown – Joy Orbison, Pearson Sound and Fold visiting the East Village Art’s Club’s attic for a right royal shindig. Can they take Four Tet‘s title of party of the year?
Things start unusually slow, with resident DJ’s warming the crowd up with their tasty blend of house and such, but things really start heating up with Fold, riding a wave of appreciation after this summer’s rather excellent EP, Upstairs For Thinking, Downstairs For Dancing.
Fluid, stretchy bass-lines and supple drums appear to be what the doctor ordered to get this crowd moving, but the attic is truly poor for a night like this – especially when the audience needs little encouragement to get their sweat on.
As Pearson Sound takes charge, the bar quickly empties as he wastes little time in keeping the flow going and getting the audience to the front with shuffly, pounding beats and the atmosphere truly becomes electric.
The beats get harder until before you know it, the man himself Joy Orbison takes to the decks after the most seamless segue you could ask for.
Following the train-based mishaps that dogged his last appearance at Abandon Silence and an exceptionally quiet year (release-wise), the atmosphere is ecstatic as Joy Orbison comes back into the fold.
With a set taking in all of Joy’s disparate influences; alternating between house-informed and techno-orientated cuts with effortless ease, his set always promised to be the stand out of the night, yett no one quite realised how rapturously Berliner’s or Tale Of Us would be received.
After a moment like that, there always was going to be a palpable early morning lull, but by the 3.30am mark, things start reaching towards another blissful, relentless climax. One of those climaxes full of those rare moments that everything suddenly makes sense in the dark, sweaty, writhing room and you do not rightly know where your feet are or what they’re doing until before you know it, the lights are up.
Not even the relentless autumnal drizzle could possibly dampen spirits as folks start shuffling outside. Joy Orbison and co. may just have curated the year’s clubbing highlight.

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