Gentleman’s Pistols quick on the draw for Liverpool bonanza


Gentleman’s Pistols head a night of big riffs, big hair and filthy rock and roll at Maguire’s Pizza Bar.

Britain’s golden age of sleazy, riff-led rock and roll lives on.
Although we are far from the days of arena sell-outs and groupie blow-outs, a dedicated cult of aficionados keeps the flag flying.
Holy Mountain’s recent visit to Liverpool showed the city has an appetite for it, and the upcoming triple bill of Gentleman’s Pistols, SSS and Mind Mountain are a weighty third course to see out the year.
Taking over Maguire’s Pizza Bar on Friday December 20, this triumvirate of tri-tonal priests are bringing forth offerings of crashing chords, speed, fury and a helluva sore neck the morning after.
Leeds’ Gentleman’s Pistols warn us to expect “hair, vests and riffs“, brandishing songs akin to the Sweet’s heavier, lesser known b-sides. They wield many of the characteristics of many of the unsung bands of the 1970s English rock heyday with a modern, hellish twist.
SSS are an uncompromising mob that smash together elements of Napalm Death, Motorhead and Terrorizer. New EP Manipulated Living has just been released on Prosthetic Records.
Like SSS, Mind Mountain are another home-grown group. They take us on a journey through space and time, but unlike their musical astronaut forebears like Hawkwind and Budgie, they are more finely tuned towards the horror and isolation of discovery. This is more Event Horizon than Wall-E.
This is not for the faint of heart. Consider this a warning.
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