Ladytron: Gravity Seducer Remix featuring Outfit


Ladytron to release 12-track remix of Gravity Seducer featuring cast of producers.

Liverpool electronic pop quartet Ladytron have teamed up with Outfit and a whole host of producers to rework their fifth studio album on Gravity the Seducer Remixed.
The vinyl-only album features all 12 original tracks remixed for a previous Record Store Day-only release featuring the likes of Outfit, Tarsius and Mixhell.
Ladytron‘s Daniel Hunt, told Rolling Stone, “When we made our last studio album, Gravity the Seducer, we were conscious that although we wanted to make a slightly different kind of record, going further into the more atmospheric threads we had experimented with in the past, that our soul was essentially disco, and that we would also make a more upbeat, parallel version of the record in collaboration with a dozen or so producers we admired.”
Ladytron and Outfit previously hooked up at St George’s Hall back in June 2011.
Listen to four of the remixes, including Outfit‘s take on Altitude Blues, below.

The full track list for Gravity Seducer Remix is:
1.White Elephant (Strange Fruit Remix)
2.Mirage (Mixhell Remix)
3.White Gold (Tarsius Remix)
4.Ace of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix)
5.Ritual (Reset! Remix)
6. Moon Palace (ARIISK Remix)
1.Altitude Blues (Outfit Remix)
2.Ambulances (Gosteffects Remix)
3.Melting Ice (The Chaotic Good Remix)
4.Transparent Days (SONOIO Remix)
5.90 Degrees (Somekong Remix)
6.Aces High (Ladytron Remix)
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