Vandettes: Let It All Go


Vandettes-Let-It-All-Go-liverpool-band-soundcloud.jpg Vandettes pack tight vocal and guitar punches into tidy packages. Never underestimate the power of a good guitar hook and a strong vocal.

Vandettes join the likes of Glossom, Etches, Viola Beach and growing swell of new bands who wrap intelligent hooks around vocal-led melodies to cook up stark and often stunning finished results.

Let It All Go, recalling Muto Leo‘s early offerings, is tight power-pop aping Antidotes-era Foals (there’s more than a nod to Two Steps Twice in that guitar break) and in Robbie Cully they’ve a punchy, snarly roar.

Following support slots with the likes of Coasts and As Elephants Are, we’ll be keeping an keen ear on whatever lies in store.