The Warlocks and Mugstar look to rip hole in Kazimier’s continuum


LA psych-rockers are heading to Liverpool with Mugstar in tow, Getintothis’ Joseph Viney takes a much-needed trip to the stars.

Grab your brightest togs, saddle up the spaceship and get those pupils dilated as LA’s own twisted and funky Warlocks are coming to town on Thursday March 13.
The long-serving, ever-evolving freaks are landing in our fair city on the back of the release of last year’s Skull Worship LP.
Comparisons can be drawn between The Warlocks and contemporaries Brian Jonestown Massacre. Both share similar sounds and are subject to the will of a strong leader. In the Warlocks’ case it’s founder and constant Bobby Hecksher.
The Warlocks cycle through a tight, curious and addictive catalogue that brings together psych, shoegaze, drone and plain ol’ rock. Their show at the Kazimier is guaranteed to be a furious affair.
Along for the interstellar ride are Liverpool’s own noise leviathans Mugstar, who have another exciting date with Mogwai to come later this year.

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