Lives: White Lies, Short Memory


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Bracing pop from another of Liverpool’s new emerging guitar slingers, Getintothis’ Laurie Cheeseman straps himself in.

Another mysterious band steps out the spring Mersey fog.
Seriously, they have no information on them anywhere (well, we found their drummer on Twitter) and Getintothis defies you to Google then.
It’s a well-worn trope for bands these days, but one that remains effective when an emerging band want to be defined by the music, not how they look or what nebulous scene they’re lumped in with. And for Lives the trick is seemingly working.
White Lies and Short Memory – their two pop diamonds have garnered an impressive mini slice of momentum while bagging them a slot at Liverpool Sound City 2014.
So, what does the music say?
In the vein of other fellow Merseyside little rippers like Moats and Soho Riots, it’s straight up guitar standards on first listen. Yet as the melody seeps in you can’t help be bowled over; yelped, semi-regional vocals; ringing, stop-start, new wave guitars; ridiculously catchy melodies. And much like those aforementioned bands – and say Vandettes, Circa Waves and a clutch of other emerging Mersey guitar bands – it is done well.
So, very unlike so many other bands that tread the same path.
Just one listen of White Lies and the ‘woah oh oh oh’s‘ will be stuck in your head for hours. It might not live up to its #PostRock Soundcloud label, but Godspeed we’re lifting our skinny fists like antennas to heaven. Amen.

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