Singles Club #91


Here in glorious stereophonic sound is the latest instalment of our Singles Club and with Sound City on the horizon Getintothis’ Chris Burgess cherry picks a good number of tracks that you may very soon be able to experience at your local music sound station.

Thee Oh Sees: DropSingle of the Week
The marvellous Oh Sees return with the title track from their upcoming album. As you’d expect from the Californians – one of our stand outs from Liverpool Sound City 2013 – it’s a riot of garage fuzziness and ramshackle 60s psychedelia, complete with squawking guitar licks that sound like you’ve wandered into a jungle during toucan mating season.
The video is ‘out there’ too, man.

Fujiya & Miyagi: Flaws
The Brighton-based electronic trio, possibly one of the most overlooked and underrated groups in the country, continue their rich vein of form with the first track taken from their new album Artificial Sweeteners.
Flaws is a sensuous and heady mix of blistering beats and belligerent synth sounds, and perhaps the best track they’ve produced. There’s so much going on in this single dancefloor-filling track that you can’t help but be carried along. There’s a drop in the middle that’s evocative of Primal Scream at the height of their electronic weirdness.
A very close contender for Single of the Week, we must admit.

Only Child: Green Eyes Singing
Only Child is the project of Alan O’Hare, and Green Eyes Singing is taken from their upcoming album From Muddy Water To Higher Ground, released on Crosstown Records.
There’s an Irish folksiness to Green Eyes Singing, with strong vocals and inventive production from Mr O’Hare, and some amazing fiddle playing and backing vocals from bandmate Laura McKinlay, allowing the song to soar along majestically.
They play at The Zanzibar on April 26 – we’ll be there cheering them on.

Orval Carlos Sibelius: Asteriods
Parisian Orval Carlos Sibelius has a keen ear for space-age psychedelic rock, along with guitar riffs straight from the 60s psych scene. There are strong elements of early Pink Floyd here, played with gusto.
The video is like a low-budget version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, complete with trippy kaleidoscope patterns and one of the least safe spacesuits I’ve ever seen.
Sibelius plays Sound City on May 1, and will hopefully put on an otherwordly show that matches his music.

Pins: Shoot You
Mancunian post-punk four-piece Pins are effortlessly stripped-back cool, with vintage guitars, spot-on reverb and melodies that give Shoot You an air of menacing grace.
The video, all black and white, bricks and mortar and too-cute haircuts, isn’t too memorable but does the job of setting the scene nicely for the song.
They’re playing Sound City too!

PINS – SHOOT YOU from PINS on Vimeo.

Twin Shadow: To The Top
With big, crushing piano chords, underplayed beats and anthemic chorus, To The Top is pure big-stadium power-balladry at its best. Twin Shadow‘s strong vocals come to the fore, against the expansive musical backdrop.
Having said that, this does seem far too overproduced, with an air of pomposity and dramatic overload, ultimately making the track slightly too hammy.
The video is just a man in a hat, doing nothing.

TEEN: Tied Up Tied Down
An animated and at times ethereal track, Tied Up Tied Down bounces around in a shimmer of R&B enthused alt rock.
With strangely aggressive yet beautifully sung vocals courtesy of Kristina Lieberson, the Brooklyn-based band prove themselves a force to be reckoned with.

The John Steel Singers: Happy Before
Soon to playing Sound City, the Brisbane based band regale us with a sunny and upbeat coastal tune, laden with big poppy hooks and wonderfully energetic drumming.
This track is taken from their upcoming album Everything’s A Thread, which promises to be one of the records of the summer. Check them out when they hit the city.
The video is just a man in a mask, doing nothing.

Wooden Wand: Alpha Dawn
Songwriter James Jackson Toth has a knack for crafting intricate and emotionally packed folksy western tunes, and Alpha Dawn is no exception.
A nice slice of rustic Americana, showcasing Toth‘s laidback yet strong vocal stylings, the track is wide and expansive despite relatively sparse instrumentation.

Rey Pila: Alexander
Signed to Julian Casablanca‘s Cult Records, Mexicans Rey Pila are reminiscent of David Bowie or the Psychedelic Furs.
Alexander has a hint of Q Lazzarus‘s Goodbye Horses present too, with 80s synths adding a sleazy yet seductive vibe to the song.
The video, featuring a less-than-honest fortune teller and some tasteful interior decoration. Alexander is essentially a song from a missing soundtrack to a John Hughes movie.

OFF!: Red White and Black
OFF!, comprising members of Circle Jerks, Red Kross and Rocket From The Crypt, are the closest thing to a punk rock supergroup there is.
This is the video of the week, with Canadian and US comedians Dave Foley and Brian Posehn playing fascist neo-nazis who get their comeuppance. The Black Flag sludgefest riffs providing the perfect soundtrack for the cartoon violence.

Toumani Diabaté & Sidiki Diabaté: Father & Son
Yet another Sound City performer (and also playing Glastonbury this year) Toumani Diabaté, the world’s top kora player, is releasing a new album of duets with his son, Sidiki.
As generational gaps go, this one seems rather brilliant. Sidike, while also involved with the traditional African music side of things, is a bonafide star in his own right – a hip hop artist who performs to 20,000 seat stadiums in Mali.
Here’s a short documentary about the two of them. It bodes well for their appearance at the festival.

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