Talons look to tear up Liverpool


Talons look to tear up Liverpool

Here’s your chance to define the undefinable as Talons swoop towards the Shipping Forecast, Getintothis’ Joseph Viney is on a wing and a prayer.

The hull of the Shipping Forecast will be breached as Talons, Alpha Male Tea Party and Jazzhands get set to make all kinds of noise on Thursday, September 18.

Dragged from all four corners of England, Talons return to the fold after a four-year absence since the release of debut album Hollow Realm. New LP New Topographics finds them back in the blistering form we’ve become accustomed to.

Drawing comparisons with the likes of Russian Circles and Mono, Talons try to eschew the easy pigeon-holing that occurs in music. As they themselves put it: “Talons are not a post-rock band, nor are they a math rock band. Talons are Talons.”

New Topographics’ opening track, Monument, is eerie, ponderous and concrete-slab-heavy all at once.


Self-proclaimed “smash rock trio” Alpha Male Tea Party probably need no introduction but you’re going to get one anyway. 

Growing in popularity since the release of second LP Droids earlier this year, AMTP have had a busy 2014 with tours and festival appearance galore. As it’s their first Liverpool show for almost 12 months, some of you might need reacquainting with one of the most unique, fun and just bloody great bands doing the biz today.

The first single from Droids. the rather spectacularly named You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis, brings together all the elements that make them such an enticing proposition: humour, surrealism and skull-shattering riffs. Now, where did we put those carrot sticks?

Anyone who’s ever been to a gig in Liverpool must know Jazzhands by now. The fundamentally chaotic sextet are a treat to the eyes and ears and their shows have become the stuff of legend. With tickets coming in at £6.50 face value, you’d have to be some kind of raving maniac to want to pass this up. For further information click here.