Fleetwood Mac not playing Glastonbury reveals Mick Fleetwood in Liverpool

Mick Fleetwood3962@sye_lewis

Mick Fleetwood at Oh Me Oh My in Liverpool

While holding court at Oh Me Oh My for an intimate Q&A about new book Play On, Mick Fleetwood confirmed the Mac will NOT be headlining Glastonbury next year. 

It’s been a bit of ‘will they, won’t they’ state of affairs since the almighty Fleetwood Mac announced earlier this year that Christine McVie had rejoined the band and they would be hitting the road in their renewed super state.

Whether or not that tour might include a headline set at Worthy Farm has been at the centre of much speculation but having heard it straight from the horse’s mouth (sorry MickGetintothis can confirm that the band will definitely not be included in the Glastonbury line up next summer.

Mick Fleetwood3742@sye_lewis

Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood, in Liverpool to talk about new autobiography Play On, told a faithful gathering at Oh Me Oh My that the band have been asked to play the festival several times but sadly, it’s never worked out.

Not that’s he’s ruling it out in the future – reassuring news for those of us who missed out on tickets last month.

We’ll have the full low down on Fleetwood’s Q&A later this week, but to whet your appetite, here are five more things we learned from the living legend:

  1. Christine McVie’s decision to rejoin the band, a miracle according to Fleetwood, was greatly dependent on her overcoming an intense fear of flying.
  2. Fleetwood’s 98 year old mother, who can’t see much but can hear well enough to tell him when he plays good or bad, lives with him in Muai, Hawaii.
  3. If he had to choose (gun to head) between the Peter Green era or Nicks/Buckingham era of Fleetwood Mac, he’d struggle a great deal but would ultimately go for Green – “and probably live to regret saying it”.
  4. Fleetwood’s favourite two songs to play live are Go Your Own Way (because it requires “balls to the wall power”) and Dreams (because it’s so simple but it just has “it“).
  5. Fleetwood thinks tribute bands are a great form or flattery, and “totally cool” – he’s clearly heard about that 10 Bands 10 Minutes night.

Pictures by GetintothisSimon Lewis