Strange Collective reveal Sun ahead of Kitchen Street launch party

Strange Collective

Strange Collective

Ahead of their launch party at 24 Kitchen Street, Getintothis’ Adam Lowerson examines the frenetic new single by Strange Collective.

An article on Drowned in Sound this week asked the question, why is British guitar music so stagnant? While the piece gave a balanced look at the state of the current guitar scene in the UK and made valid arguments, its click-baiting headline felt massively lazy, banging on the same ‘rock and roll is dead, man’ drum that the Kasabian lads do every time they’ve got a new record to flog.

Anyway, they’re wrong, and to see that you just have to look at the new wave of guitar groups emerging on Merseyside. From Holy Thursday and The Floormen to the rabble rousing Strange Collective, there’s a whole stream of new acts making great sounds with a guitar. The latter, Strange Collective, have revealed the video for their new single Sun, which will be released through Salvation Records on February 28. The track, which will be the four-piece’s debut release on the independent label, will be launched at a gig at 24 Kitchen Street alongside Ohmns and buzz band RongoRongo.

The band have earned a growing reputation through their frenetic live performances over the past year, with sets alongside Sean Lennon’s the Ghost of a Sabre Toothed Tiger and at the Getintothis relaunch party, and Sun is the perfect snapshot of what they are all about. A melee of garage guitars matched with raw energy and swagger. The track’s verses creep along with menacing guitar licks before grabbing you by the throat and screaming in your face with yelped vocals, swathes of fuzz and pummelling beats. The sound of pure carnage.

Catch them at 24 Kitchen Street on February 28.