Introducing: Eton Mess with Delusions of Grandeur on debut Wiener Records release


Eton Mess’ debut tape Delusions of Grandeur out on Wiener Records

Blessed with easy-on-the-ear and sure-fire jangly melodies, Getintothis’ Paul Higham finds much to enjoy in Eton Mess’ debut album – and their self-made ‘erotic’ new video.

With a tape album Delusions of Grandeur recently having found release on US indie label Wiener Records, a subsidiary of Burger Records, Manchester’s Eton Mess has, with little fanfare, announced himself as an emerging talent.

Blessed with a sure and easy songwriting flair, what is immediately apparent from his music is its innate melodicism. The songs are blessed with the sort of hooks many would die trying for but never achieve. It sounds effortless and, without not wanting in any way to undermine him, that’s because it probably is. It’s the aural evocation of talent.

Laconic and laid back, the tunes shimmer and shine and work their way into your subconscious. The spirit of The Byrds is never far away as the irrepressible jangle recalls more modern interpreters such as Woods or Real Estate.

Opening track What Should You Do sets the sunny and infectious mood. It’s a confident opening move. The melody emerges fully formed, the guitar work shines joyously and, much like an English summer, disappears before you’re really sure it’s arrived. Like all good tunes, it’s one that you can easily convince yourself that you’ve known all your life.

The melancholic charms of I Could Have Died are brought to life in a charmingly ‘erotic’ self-made video. Well in the murky world of the internet we’re sure there must be those turned on by bare buttocks, socks and a little-left-to-the-imagination clear plastic raincoat. As for the tune though, it’s a belter.

Although a tape-release, for those insufficiently retro to be blessed with such archaic means of hi-fidelity reproduction, high quality digital files are available via bandcamp – you’d be foolish to miss out.