Holy Thursday return with new track Morning ahead of FestEVOL date

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday

With an alluring marriage of western psychedelia and eastern mysticism, Getintothis’ Paul Higham sees the light of the Morning in Holy Thursday’s new track.

The saying would have us believe that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Not that anyone appears to have told Holy ThursdayMorning, the latest cut from the Wirral band, ends with the lingering refrain “it’s just a step away from Morning“, yet the track is brimming with a lightness of touch and tone.

It is difficult to avoid that most over-used term psychedelia when referencing Holy Thursday‘s music. Yet where modern interpreters tend to favour sludgy drone and oppressive weight, Holy Thursday seek their influences in the genre’s foremost flag-bearers. The spectre of the likes of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band looms inescapably large over this song as both its questing inventiveness and enigmatic air captivate the listener.

Allied to the 1960s West Coast influences is a sense of eastern mysticism. Entrancing vocals chime and soar over a myriad of exotic sounding instrumentation before giving way to a chugging riff around which the song builds. This provides a secure harness allowing the bolder elements of to weave safely around.

In its production values the work of Phil Spector never feels too far away. It’s a big sounding record with an altogether enveloping and headphone-filling sound. Yet it knows when to pull back and reveal the light, never allowing the listener’s attention to waver.

The almost-final wig-out of coruscating guitars and syncopated, reverb-heavy beats feels all too short on record yet in the live arena will surely allow the band to let loose.

With the group set to play part two of FestEvol this coming weekend, there’s a better than fair chance it’s just a step away from morning will be stuck in your head as you step out into the pre-dawn of a Liverpool Sunday.