Michelle Roberts talks her EVOL photo exhibition, favourite snaps and Kazimier memories plus FestEVOL Part Two stage times


Outfit by Michelle Roberts

Ahead of her photographic exhibition at FestEVOL this weekend, Getintothis’ Catherine Mackinlay chats to EVOL in house photographer Michelle Roberts about her favourite pictures and moments.

FestEVOL returns this weekend with the Kazimier set to host a special EVOL photographic exhibition by its in-house photographer Michelle Roberts. Over fourty pieces will be presented in the venue’s Rat Alley bar showcasing some of the clubnight’s most infamous and memorable performances taken place at several venues such as the Kazimier, Shipping Forecast, the original Korova bar and Floral Pavillion. Artists range from Liverpool’s own Outfit, Waves Machines and  Miles Kane to artists such as CSS, The Maccabees and Late of the Pier along with many more.

Festival band booker and EVOL promoter Steve ‘Revo’ Miller asked Michelle to put together an exhibition for FestEVOL after attending an exhibition she hosted in Leaf as part of her photography degree. We paid a visit to the Rat Alley Bar to check it out ourselves.

Getintothis: Hi Michelle, wow there’s quite a few bands featured here! Can you tell us about the process of putting all this together and picking the specific images you wanted to use?

Michelle: It was quite hard actually! I had hundreds I wanted to use but didn’t have room so I narrowed it down to fifty then to fourty three as it was important to me to keep them at eye level. I like a lot of energy in my pictures so that’s reflected in the ones I’ve chosen.

Getintothis: Do you have any particular favourites?

Michelle: A lot of them I’ve chosen are based on memorable gigs that I’ve enjoyed and ones I think will be memorable to the people who attended. The photo of Be Your Own Pet is quite significant to me as it was their last ever gig and it’s also the first ever gig I done for Revo.

GetintothisThe one of Enter Shikari looks quite special! Can you explain what on Earth is going on here?

Michelle: This is actually another one that’s quite memorable and special to me. This was at the Floral Pavillion and Rou (Singer) was so energetic swinging a ten foot ladder round! They’re my son Oliver’s favourite all time band and afterwards we went to meet a half naked Enter Shikari in the dressing room and they signed my son’s CD. Best day of my sons life!

Getintothis: It’s quite sad that this will be the last time FestEVOL is held at the Kazimier with it closing on New Years Day. As you’ve experienced many gigs in many venues, are you glad to have held an exhibition here?

Michelle: Absolutely! I love the Kazimier, it’s such a great place and great atmosphere. It’s so sad it’s closing. As with the original Korova bar, so many people you speak to have seen amazing gigs at these places. I’m just glad I can show some of these moments here.

Michelle’s exhibition is in its element alongside plenty of bands and DJs with a projector lights guiding your way into the bar. Be sure to pay a visit to the last FestEVOL held at Kazimier this weekend.

Michelle plans to carry on her work into whatever venues there may be in the future. To see more of her work visit www.sheshoots.co.uk where you can see her work with Sound City and Liverpool Music Week. She’s also a member of the elite group www.thephotoladies.com/ and is set to go out on the tour circuit with the Jungle Brothers mid August.

You can also check out her Instagram here www.instagram.com/sheshoots.co.uk/ as she was named by a Canadian blog in the 35 best concert photographers on Instagram.

Times for FestEVOL Part Two:

2:00 Dogshow presents Invisible Wind Factory
1:15 All We Are
0:30 When I Am King
00:15 Tea Street Band
0:00 Sugarmen
23:30 Bad Breeding
23:00 Spring King
23:00 Broken Men
22:30 ESA Shields
22:00 GULF
21:45 Moats
21:30 Natalie McCool
21:00 Strange Collective
21:00 Pink Film
20:30 RongoRongo
20:15 Sankofa
20:00 LIVES
19:30 Judas
19:30 She Drew The Gun
19:00 Xam Volo
18:30 Bill Ryder-Jones and Immix Ensemble
18:30 Oranj Son
18:00 Holy Thursday
17:30 Viola Beach
17:00 Lying Bastards
16:30 Scarlet
16:00 AJHD
15:30 Katy Alex
15:00 Doors Open

Pictures by Michelle Roberts.




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