Introducing: Oranj Son – the latest hot prospects from Edge Hill’s The Label Recordings

Oranj Son

Oranj Son

Oranj Son are the latest in a line of talent emanating from The Label Recordings, with an archive of tracks already and a genuine buzz around them, Getintothis’ Tom Konstantynowicz checks them out.

Carl Hunter, former bassist in The Farm, knows his stuff. The Label Recordings at Edge Hill University, of which he is creative director, is fast becoming one of the most productive up and coming indie labels in the North West, and Oranj Son are their latest prodiges.

As previous signings Hooton Tennis Club and Little Secrets did before them – the former are set to release their debut album via Heavenly Recordings amid much critical lauding – Oranj Son are beginning to become a buzz band around Merseyside.

Remarkable that their shows at this year’s Sound City were their first ever gigs, they’ve shown promise that can see them become a fixture of Liverpool’s live scene. Their inclusion at FestEvol confirms how highly they are thought of by some of the city’s top promoters,

Over the past six months, their Soundcloud page has gradually filled with a catalogue of tracks impressive in its depth for a band so fresh. More striking is that none of the tracks sound very much alike, although they all hold a light psychedelic air.

Eating turpentine on toast’ – a line from their latest cut Psycho Disco Face – acts as a metaphor for much of their work, the guitar plucks at the start of said track lull you into a sense of security before the wailing vocal takes you somewhat by surprise. Something familiar paired with something rather unsettling.

Unsettling is meant in the best possible way however, recalling The Fall here, Velvet Underground there, Radio Wires sounds like a gem lost in the blur of the nineties while the shoegazey Who Needs the Meaning sees them at perhaps their most melodic. You can never quite be sure what they’ll come at you with next.

A delve into their online library keeps you well on your toes with at least a couple of tracks sure to perk your interest. These guys have bags of potential and it would seem they’re with the right people to realise it.

UPDATE: Check out the video for Psycho Disco Face below.




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