Blossoms, Declan McKenna, Rory Wynne: O2 Academy, Liverpool


Blossoms shine at the O2 Academy

Getintothis’ Vicky Pea ventures to the fountain of youth, or was it Blossoms at O2 Academy? 

We’re no stranger to a Friday night out at Getintothis, however we couldn’t help but feel a little old this gone week as the O2 Academy 2 exuded youthful energy. Our fears were confirmed further when the two opening acts, with an average age of about 14 (ish), took to the stage to open proceedings. One-man-band Declan McKenna (winner of the 2015 Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition after holding off some serious Merseyside opposition) allows his natural musicianship to take the lead and displays confidence beyond his years as he debuts a song “basically written yesterday“, and even though the intro in particular still needs some work, evenings such as these play an invaluable role in allowing young talent to experiment with their acts without too harsh a judgement.

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Blossoms however need not pay the fiddler for this evenings headline slot. Tonight, in contrast from highly praised performances at both Sound City and for the Get It Loud In Libraries campaign, the crowd is not one of discovery or casual listener – the fans in attendance know every word and greet the intros to their familiar favourites with cheers and enthusiasm. There is something very real and brood like about Blossoms fans, that they know they could have a role in a real success story here if they play their part. The progress of the smooth pop-psych five piece themselves is also evident to see as their openers and established sing-alongs Cut Me And I’ll Bleed and You Pulled a Gun on Me are impossibly outshone by their latest single (and quite possibly their best so far) Charlemagne. 

They’ve got the look, they’ve got the sound and if tonight’s anything to go by, they’ve got an enviable and passionate following ready to propel them to great heights.


Photos by Getintothis’ Vicky Pea