Edan and Paten Locke, Onoe Caponoe: The Kazimier, Liverpool

Edan-&-Paten-Locke-Michelle-Roberts (17)

Edan & Paten Locke at The Kazimier

As the hip-hop icons headed to the Kazimier, Getintothis’ Terri-Anne Baker got caught up in the Edan and Paten Locke party atmosphere.

Arriving just a little too late to be called fashionable meant that the first act of the night Sub Culture Sage were missed but word on the floor was that they were pretty impressive and they had certainly pulled in a more than respectable crowd for a Thursday night, and the mood was chilled and easy.

Onoe Caponoe gave a brilliantly bizarre performance, veils draped over their faces didn’t distract from these boys spitting out lyrics fast and ferociously complimented by cleverly dropped grimey beats.

Edan and Paten Locke packed out the Kazimier with an unlikely crowd with one thing in common – a mutual love of hip hop producer Edan. In a performance that clearly encompassed so much of this off-beat artist’s influences, roots and soul it was a pleasure to be immersed in the wonderful world of Edan. In what we can only describe as hip hop meets psychedelic rock, with occasional outbursts of robot rap, Edan’s cleverly cut samples and poetically posed lyrics weaved a rich tapestry.

With talent in bucket loads, not only can this duo knock out beats and rhymes, they also play beautifully to the audience, creating layer upon layer of musical delights but with a showmanship akin to anything you’ll see at the Fringe. Effortlessly bouncing off one another, Edan and Paten embraced the audience like an old friend, but don’t be mistaken, although these guys posses a natural easy comedic charm, you are witnessing serious musicians at work.

It’s not often you get from one performance cleverly constructed lyrics, delivered on point oozing groove funk and soul tied up in a perfectly formed package of rap as they scratch and catch from one song to the next. Somewhere in there is thrown in a bit of guitar and kazzoo, which forms a surreal feeling of nostalgia and it’s that feeling of nostalgia that sets Edan and Paten Locke apart. They manage to create a story that’s theirs and ours giving a subtle, sometimes not so subtle nod to the forces and formats that have shaped their musical and creative existence.

We feel privileged to have grown up on tapes as Auto Reverse reminded us and it was a pleasure to witness some hard core Edan fans delight in waving their arms to we see colours and mouthing along the lyrics to Making Planets and, well, pretty much everything they served up. These boys are boss and will be on our playlist for a while to come yet, an absolute treat.


Pictures by Getintothis’ Michelle Roberts.