Mugstar: Flemish Weave



Mugstar return with a new double LP in March, with the first taster Flemish Weave streaming now, Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke gives his verdict.

Liverpool psych favourites Mugstar have revealed Flemish Weave, the first taste of their newly announced upcoming album Magnetic Seasons, out on March 4.

The new record is to be a double LP of only nine tracks, with the band taking advantage of a long-form, experimental approach to the creative process in recent album sessions at Liverpool’s Whitewood Studios for some of their most expansive and intense work to date.

Flemish Weave, though surely short in comparison to the album’s other tracks at a paltry six minutes, exhibits plenty of this spacious approach. Opening with a simmering drift of snaking atmospherics the band daub themselves in layers of texture that boasts a depth beyond even their already-considerable history, teeing things up for a relentless second half.

With a dissonant, muffled howl at the two-minute mark, Mugstar really hit their stride, slipping into the kind of clenched, relentless kraut-psych groove that’s the marker of these veterans at their absolute finest. A band now in their thirteenth year, their experience shows as they lather on the noise to an intoxicating crescendo without ever rushing it.





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